Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adventureland & Bowling

It's stormy outside, so since we can't go swimming right now, I thought I'd post here.

The title is pretty self-explainitory, so I'll jump into the pictures. There aren't as many as last year (it was super crowded when we were there Saturday), but that's OK. We still had fun and made memories. Like the memory of waiting an hour in line for the Tornado, only to have Elise decide she didn't want to go on it. Even though she loved it when she was four.

Abby kept watching herself in the mirrors.

Always the cowgirl.

We stopped here after the park closed to grab a bite and bowl.

Abby was doing a happy dance by the blower.

Caitlin mimicking Leah's bowling. 

Trevor trying to will his ball to curve away from the gutter.

Hmm... what's up with the tongues?

Midnight might be a little late in the evening to lose at bowling.

Elise won!

We had a lot of fun, and even slept in until noon the next day!

I've been really frustrated with how Blogger's changed things with uploading pictures. It takes longer (you can only select one picture at a time to upload) and you can't put the pictures side by side. To get around that, I tried using html codes from Photobucket, but that is just as time-consuming. If anyone knows of a faster way to share pictures on here, I'm all ears. I don't think I want to deal with switching to another platform, but might have to.

Well, it is still stormy out. I hope it lets up - today is the last day to go swimming at the pool before it closes for the year. I can't believe summer is almost over. Time flies way too fast.

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