Friday, May 11, 2012

Long Time, No See!

Turns out my last post was mid-January. Oops. Life happened. :)

I recently added the slideshow gadget to my desktop, and saw our California pictures. Kinda gave me a renewed motivation to get on with posting the pics from our trip.
So, when I left off, I posted pictures from Christmas day. December 26th I took no pictures. All day. Must have forgotten the camera or something. I can't remember anymore what we did the day after Christmas.

BUT, on the 27th and 28th, we were on the go! We met up with an old (and by old, I do not mean age) friend and her family at a really nice park in Dana Point. We talked, played, picnicked, and painted nails. Carol is serious about her nail polish! I have four girls and our nail polish can't even hold a light to her stash! Thank you, Carol, for your tip on applying the shatter/crackle polish. Works like a charm! :)

Kimber & Elise on a fun 'ride.'

Carol & Scott making the 'ride' fun.

Painting nails.

Kimber & her Daddy.

Elise showing her cartwheel.

The whole gang... and Eva, the Gingerbread Girl.
After the park, we headed over to visit Robert's dad. He was still in rehab from his broken hip. He really liked the food there. :)

We came back to celebrate Christmas with him the next day. Robert's grandma & Aunt Joanne stopped by with presents for the kids, too. It was so good to spend some time with them.

Made me laugh :)

We all enjoyed some yummy fruit!

I love this. This is their relationship in a nutshell. :)

Elise enjoying her gifts.

Elise & Pa-Pa.

Robert's grandma. She recently celebrated her 90th birthday!

We had a really nice afternoon with everyone & so grateful for the time spent together.

After we left, we stopped by a park to see our former pastor's family. The sun was quickly setting, but the kids managed to get some good playing in. It was a quick hello, but great to see them & ooh and ahh about how much kids have grown.

Yes, that's Eva in my mouth.

After the park, my dad had his favorite Ruby's to take us to.

Hard to see way up there, but there's a Diet Choke, I mean, Diet Coke car on the train. Which is why this particular Ruby's is Dad's favorite. ;)

This Ruby's is also the new home to one of my lens caps. Bummer.

I hope it won't take me another four months to add more pictures! I started this blah'g as a way to journal about our family since I didn't have time to be a scrapper. Turns out I haven't had time to type, either. :P

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