Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Boy!!

Our baby-sitter's cat had kittens, and long story short, my hubby & kiddos talked me into getting one.
HUGE step for me. I've not been a cat person for 9 years.
I looked where I thought I should be looking, and thought I picked out a girl cat.
 Yeah, so apparently, the boy parts on a baby kitten aren't completely noticable at a glance. And they aren't in the same spot as, say, a dog or a horse. My bad.

But that's OK. I've read a lot tonight about boy vs. girl cats, and it turns out, boy cats are usually more affectionate and sweet. and if we get him 'fixed' early enough (between 4-6 months), we shouldn't have any issues with spraying. The neutered cats that spray do it because they were either fixed after they were in the habit of spraying, they share the house with another cat or two, or even see neighborhood cats coming around the house that makes them feel threatened. We have neither of the latter two, and cats don't usually start spraying until they're at least a year old.

I'm choosing to be optimistic.

So, meet Sniper Alley Yo-Yo.
Really, just Sniper. But please don't tell that to the girls.
 Elise chose Alley when we thought it was a girl, Caitlin and Sierra really liked Yo-Yo and Trevor always wanted Sniper. Abby just went with the flow. In fact, when we thought he was a she, the name was Alley Sniper S. Not the greatest initials.

So, wish me luck with this new member. I already have the spray bottle ready and waiting...


flipflopprincess said...

awwww! I love your kitty! I had one just like that named Oscar (hm.. must have an attachment to that name huh?LOL) Seeing Sniper makes me want to get one too... uhoh....

GroominMama said...

90% of all orange kitty's are boys! And, you will NEVER find a calico that is a male. the calico gene cannot form in a male cat.


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