Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Today is Monday. That means I'm going to 'fess up! If you want a good laugh and and a feeling of, "Whew! Glad I'm not the only one!" then head over to MckMama's blog and check out all the Not Me! entries... after reading mine, of course!

It was not me who, after 9 years of swearing off the feline species, caved. Nope! I would never let the pleadings of my husband and children sway any feelings I have regarding owning a cat. I'm much stronger than that!
This is not me being seen holding the cat!

To find out what the cat's, er, unique name is, read my post here.

Friday night, there was a craft retreat out at our church. I know how creepy it can be when there's only a few women, alone in a big building, that's outside of town, alone in a field, where no one can hear a scream, and where at night, you can't see out, but you know any serial killer can see in. So, it was NOT me who went up to the sound booth to change music, and let out a blood curdling scream, just to give the gals a good boost of adrenaline. I would never be so cruel. Not me! I very innocently and sweetly made this hat for my cousin's baby, using our grandma's old yarn:

And it was not me who made my friend go down the speed slide at the pool last week, and had it recorded... 

 And no, that was not me who screamed all the way down. I'm too cool for that.

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flipflopprincess said...

oh man. I'm still laughing about that!
Well.. not about Dayon's nails in my arm but the rest.. thought she might end up in my lap if it happened again. LOL! gosh we have fun though don't we?! I'm still laughing about it..


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