Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Days Later...

I had a whole day of not taking any pictures! Shame on me!

Thursday was busy with picking my aunt up from the airport & just hangin' out. It was so good to see her after 10 years.

On Friday, I pulled my camera back out. My grandpa and [different] aunt came in that afternoon. For dinner, we all went to Souplantaion. Yum!

The only photos from the adult table were quite unflattering with mouths agape or full.

I guess that's all I have. I thought there was more than just Souplantation, but there's not.

Next up...
Leah's graduation! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Today is Monday. That means I'm going to 'fess up! If you want a good laugh and and a feeling of, "Whew! Glad I'm not the only one!" then head over to MckMama's blog and check out all the Not Me! entries... after reading mine, of course!

It was not me who, after 9 years of swearing off the feline species, caved. Nope! I would never let the pleadings of my husband and children sway any feelings I have regarding owning a cat. I'm much stronger than that!
This is not me being seen holding the cat!

To find out what the cat's, er, unique name is, read my post here.

Friday night, there was a craft retreat out at our church. I know how creepy it can be when there's only a few women, alone in a big building, that's outside of town, alone in a field, where no one can hear a scream, and where at night, you can't see out, but you know any serial killer can see in. So, it was NOT me who went up to the sound booth to change music, and let out a blood curdling scream, just to give the gals a good boost of adrenaline. I would never be so cruel. Not me! I very innocently and sweetly made this hat for my cousin's baby, using our grandma's old yarn:

And it was not me who made my friend go down the speed slide at the pool last week, and had it recorded... 

 And no, that was not me who screamed all the way down. I'm too cool for that.

It's a Boy!!

Our baby-sitter's cat had kittens, and long story short, my hubby & kiddos talked me into getting one.
HUGE step for me. I've not been a cat person for 9 years.
I looked where I thought I should be looking, and thought I picked out a girl cat.
 Yeah, so apparently, the boy parts on a baby kitten aren't completely noticable at a glance. And they aren't in the same spot as, say, a dog or a horse. My bad.

But that's OK. I've read a lot tonight about boy vs. girl cats, and it turns out, boy cats are usually more affectionate and sweet. and if we get him 'fixed' early enough (between 4-6 months), we shouldn't have any issues with spraying. The neutered cats that spray do it because they were either fixed after they were in the habit of spraying, they share the house with another cat or two, or even see neighborhood cats coming around the house that makes them feel threatened. We have neither of the latter two, and cats don't usually start spraying until they're at least a year old.

I'm choosing to be optimistic.

So, meet Sniper Alley Yo-Yo.
Really, just Sniper. But please don't tell that to the girls.
 Elise chose Alley when we thought it was a girl, Caitlin and Sierra really liked Yo-Yo and Trevor always wanted Sniper. Abby just went with the flow. In fact, when we thought he was a she, the name was Alley Sniper S. Not the greatest initials.

So, wish me luck with this new member. I already have the spray bottle ready and waiting...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Day or Two...

 The Tuesday evening after we arrived, my mom & siblings had a band concert.

(Philip is on the right of the screen)

Mom & Leah


Some small kids sang a few songs to the tune of classical music. It seems like a really creative way to help kids learn about the music and the composers.

Of course, Beethoven's "Für Elise" was a favorite for us...
Can you guess why?

After the concert, we ate at Del Taco (sorry, no pictures, but it was yummy!), and I just have to say, the midwestern Taco John's could never hope to compare. They are both fast food, but the taste, quality & price are complete opposites! We never go to Taco John's. For one, to feed our family of seven, it always cost well over $20. And we leave hungry. At Del Taco that night, we fed our family of seven, plus Mom, Dad, Leah, and Philip (Steven was with friends) for a little over $30. Did I mention we had a left over taco or two?
Unfortunately, the nearwest Del Taco is either in Colorado or Missouri. 

Anyhoo, we just went home after dinner & relaxed. I think we watched Mr. Ed, too.

The next morning, I went to take photos of Peyton. It was so much fun, and she made my job easy by being so stinkin' cute! Here are a few of my favorites...

I love how the catchlight in her eyes is a little heart...

Grace's tattoo from this angle says 'Hope,' which is Peyton's middle name.

While in Califormia, I also realized how much I miss snails. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fond of the creatures (especially when stepping on one barefoot!), but there's just a familiarity, and a feeling of home about them, I guess.

That afternoon, we hit up the pool again...

Caitlin had fun painting Uncle Steven's nails. And my purse looks smashing on his shoulder, wouldn't you say?


Elise mastered the art of wet towel painting.

And I just thought this was humorous after spending the past few winters in sub-zero temps...

That evening, Dad finally got his Plucked Chicken ;)

That's all I have for now...

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Next Day

 The Monday after we arrived, I met my goddaughter, Peyton Hope. She is the sweetest little dolly...

That afternoon, I took my sister out to shoot some senior/grad photos...

See that last photo? Apparently a wave hit her, knocking Leah & her Ventura electric guitar down. In the water. Like, totally in the water. That reminds me I still need to call the Guitar Doctor...

Here's Steven. He was a model for me to test the lighting under the tree...

That's all for now!


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