Sunday, January 8, 2012

A-a-and we're off!

Seems like forever since I've actually posted anything! What better way to get back in the blah'ging saddle than to reminisce about our trip home for Christmas?

We left town after work and school the night before our flight. We totally scored with booking a hotel room that not only accepted our puppy and provided a yummy breakfast at Bennigan's, but also let us leave our van parked for the duration for our trip. All for less than the cost of simply parking our van at an airport lot! The kids were just excited to go swimming.

*Elise made a gingerbread girl named Eva, and wanted her to join the trip. Eva made it half way through our vacation until, I think, she was left behind at a restaurant. At least she has my lens cap to keep ker company...

We survived check-in and airport security. The kids and puppy were troopers during both flights and the over 3 hour layover in Denver.

 We made it!! Let the fun begin!

Stay tuned... :)

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