Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving On With Our Trip...

The day after our CA arrival, my parents, Robert, and I hit the mall. But, before hitting the stores, we stopped at Claim Jumper for our traditional double-date with my parents. We needed some sustenance to endure the crowds. I wish I brought my camera along to capture our shopping adventure, but oh well. Take my word for it, it was fun and Christmas-y. And tiring. I think I walked more that day than I have in my whole life. Okay, maybe not, but it sure felt like it!

I can't forget to mention getting my 'fix' while we were out there! Our Iowa McDonald's stopped carrying my frozen strawberry lemonade because it's considered seasonal (but ice cream, shakes, smoothies, and iced coffees aren't... yes, I asked about that in my momentary 2 year old tantrum), so imagine my delight when I got my hands on one(hundred) in Cali!

The next day (I think), was In-n-Out and shopping at another mall with my sister. We really miss having malls nearby! I have to say, it was nice to shop around while listening to carollers belt out Christmas tunes.

Trevor had fun being able to actually skateboard. Our sidewalks aren't board-friendly.
We were invited to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, and I beat the high score of the football throwing game. If I had only 2 more seconds, I would have passed up the hall of fame score (the machine's default - I beat the actual high score. I'm that good.). There was actually a guy standing there watching me because he was in awe with my mad throwing ability! I kid you not. He was in awe.

The kids really enjoyed playing on 'Henry,' my sister's piano. Or is it Victor or Herman? I can't keep her names straight. Anyway, I think he would look awesome painted in a fun color, but Leah didn't agree for some reason...

Another time I wish I pulled my camera out for was Christmas Eve. Oh, the wrapping! And the 6am hot chocolate my mom and I had after staying up ALL night. I did crash for a nap after that, though. I was surprised to make it as long as I did, being that I was still on Iowa time.

My next post will be of Christmas morning. It was so wonderful to spend Christmas with my family again! It felt as though we never even missed a Christmas. Going back 'home' brings wonderful feelings; natural, comfortable ones that evoke all the warm fuzzies and a simple happiness.

On a side note, Elise is coloring oh-so-carefully next to me right now. I love how she says coloring outside of the lines is "scribble-scrabble." :)

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