Friday, November 12, 2010

"You are gonna be mad."

Not the words one likes to wake up to, right? I knew it was supposed to rain during the night, but snow?? Yeah, I was not a happy camper when I looked out my window. I hate snow.

It it still snowing. At least the snow is looking heavier, which means it should turn into the rain we're supposed to have all day. Which, according to the forecast, will turn back into snow tomorrow.

I'm not ready for it. Not mentally or physically. I just barely got the kids wearing those knit gloves & hats in the morning!

Oh, and before I fell asleep last night (or should I say, the wee hours of the morning), I was thinking I would rake the leaves that didn't get blown away by all the strong winds last week. Or was it the week before? I don't know, but what I do know is that when this first snow melts, the leaves will be wet and heavy. Guess that means it turns into a man's job, right?

*insert evil laugh*

I think I hate snow so much because I didn't grow up in it. I grew up in a climate that once it hit 50°, you bundled up. Seriously. I sent Sierra to kindergarten a handful of times wearing a winter coat and knit gloves. I don't think the temperature even dropped below 50°.

I actually have two memories of snow from when I was little (I was technically born in Iowa and lived here until a few days after my 6th birthday, but really raised (and married, and had a family) in California, so SoCal will always be home to me). In both of those memories I wasn't happy. The first memory I have, my dad was carrying me to the house and I was under a blanket. It's a sweet memory in the fact that I remember my dad carrying me, but I remember the bite of the cold, and I wasn't feeling all too happy. My other memory was trying to walk in a big snow suit. I had a scarf or something over my mouth and nose, and it was dreadfully uncomfortable and wet. I remember my gloves being wet as well. Not very pleasant.

More recent memories of snow include sliding our car into a ditch, shoveling the sidewalk so we can make it to our van - only to have to do more shoveling so we can get out, having red and swollen hands from doing said shoveling, then having a ton of snow fall as soon as the sidewalk is clear, and you have to go shovel again (repeat that one about a thousand times!), 6 foot icicles that could seriously kill an elephant, power outages, and temps so cold, it makes your nose run, but the snot freezes before it even leaves your nostrils.

Did I mention I hate snow? Just checking.

*turn off music first*

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