Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Death by Ceiling, Ice, or Water... Take Your Pick.

Yup. That's the story of my life today. Except, the ceiling has been an option for a couple weeks now. Let me explain...

We had a crazy hail storm come through our town last August, providing us with a new roof (through our homeowner's insurance). Somehow, the two flat roofs over our front entry hall and main level bathroom were over-looked. Long story short, Robert decided it was a job he and my cousin could do, but by this time, it was too late to start, so they have to wait until spring.

Fast forward about 3 months, multiple blizzards, a huge ice storm, who knows how many feet of snow, and returning sunshine later - we have leaks. The bathroom isn't terrible, but the front entry hall is another story. Leaking led to bowing, which led to cracking, which led to a CRASH.

Now, I am LOVING the fact that the sun has finally been out to shine down on the world! I'm loving even more that in the 10 day forecast, we have mid-30, and even a couple 40, temps!! Unfortunately, that means melting. Don't get me wrong - I am looking forward to getting rid of all this white stuff! It's just the mess it leaves that I'm dreading. And death choice #2:

The first photo is of the icicles hanging right above our front door. The second is of Abby holding a piece (yes, just a PIECE) of an icicle that fell by the deck. When it was attached, it was about 5 feet long!

The angle & zoom don't do this icicle justice! If you've been to my house, you know how tall it is, so maybe then you can see this for the size that it is. If not, trust me, it's a big icicle! Not one you want to be standing under, for sure!

Now, death by water might be a bit over-dramatic (ok, so were death by ceiling & icicle, but you have to admit, it could happen!), but the elementary kids here in town were sent home right after noon because of "yucky water." At least, that's how my kids put it. Still not sure what's going on, other than Robert's warning to not drink or cook with any water. It's not brown or lumpy, so that has to be a good thing, right? I'm assuming it's been contaminated somehow. But, I think I'm still going to shower. If there are no more future posts from me, you know it's due to death from water...

A highlight from today:

Our new toaster oven came in the mail (Thank you, Aunt J!)! It looks so new and shiny! If you know us very well, you know that we get the most out of our things! If it works, why replace it? Take my broom. The metal pole was bent, finally breaking off, leaving me with a short broom. Caitlin even gouged her hand on the sharp, broken tip. So, I found yet another use for tape by wrapping layer upon layer of tape over the broken end. Yes, we still have a short broom, but it's a SAFE short broom! Well, in the case of our toaster oven and microwave, they technically work - just not very well. Not to mention they both have seen WAY better days, and even when they're just cleaned, they look horrible from countless mini fires, burnt popcorn, and the like. Robert just gets irritated because what takes him 2 minutes to nuke at work, takes at least 5 minutes at home. I know when I use the new microwave for the 1st time, I'll kick myself for not getting a new one sooner. In the meantime, ignorance is bliss. I also want to just say that we have NEVER bought a microwave! Ever. We've been married nearly 12 years, and we are only on microwave #2. How many out there can say the same? :)

I'll leave for now with a shot of Caitlin relaxing after a long & strenuous 4 hour school day :)

I will try and get some video of Sierra's band perfomance posted later. Might have to be much later, as Robert & I have small group tonight. I love having something like that, that Robert & get to do together. :)


flipflopprincess said...

yep. our ceiling in the porch did that too.. not as bad but getting there. we lose one ceiling tile at a time. thankfully the snow and ice on the part of the roof is almost melted off now. hope it stays that way! We wanted to do fun stuff with our tax refund.. looks like most of it will go to home repairs from winter damage:(

Carol said...

When are you going to be in CA again? Or when will your parents go out to visit you? We have a microwave you can have. Then once again, you could say that you've never purchased a microwave.


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