Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Benefit of Homeownership...

...when it comes to raising 5 kids, is I don't have to totally freak out when:

my kids dance, laugh, sing, and play. I don't have to constantly hush them for neighbors on the other side of a very thin wall.

my sweet little girl (Elise) chooses to use her artistic abilitites in unconventional ways.

(and no, this isn't all of her artwork)

the same sweet little girl decides she wants to give Mommy get a head-start on wallpaper removal.

(Ok, the last one is actually peeled paint in the upstairs bathroom, & I'm sure she had help. Lucky for her, that blue with puupy trim bathroom is near the top of my list for home projects!)

that same sweet ;) little girl decides she wants to help 'fix' our wall.

(it's gotten a bit worse from the original damage- er, uh, repair)

I keep forgetting to replace a door stop. And I find yet another piece of Elise's art. Sigh.

it's cold, wet, or snowy, because the kids can still get in some exercise.

Robert shows the kids the new JumpStyle craze, and the kids can try and master it. And I can laugh as loud as I want.

my son keeps using a cupboard door for a step stool to get into the high (& sometimes treat stash) cupboard.

(it had completely broken off)

a blind or two break from kids anxiously watching for company to arrive

I feel like vacuuming at midnight.

Now, before you go judging our home, please remember that it's an expression of all of us. There's a story behind nearly every colored or dented wall, scratched floor, spot on the carpet (though, a few were there when we bought the house), and all the fingerprints that keep 'magically' reappearing.
I used to pride myself whenever it wasn't obvious right off the bat that there were kids that lived in the house. How awful was that?? I was more concerned with what people thought of my home, rather than my kids feeling like it was their home, too.
Don't get me wrong, I like a clean house as much as anyone else, our kids aren't allowed to do whatever they want, they don't rule the roost, and they aren't wild & crazy... most of the time. ;) They're just kids, and I know this time in their lives won't last forever (though, there are those days... ;) ). When they grow up, I want them to know that I cherish them more than all this earthly stuff and what others think.


I'm so thankful my back continues to get stronger. Though, cleaning the tub/shower today has caused it to ache a bit more. I'm sure doing dishes, laundry, and cooking didn't help, either. Guess I'm still not up to house work. Drat. ;)

I'm also thankful that as of 2 in the morning tomorrow, my dining room clock will show the correct time again! I love daylight saving time! I can't wait for the longer (and WARMER days) to come!


Please remember my great-Aunt Ruth in prayer. She may be having surgery on Monday to remove a tumor from her colon. Please pray that the tumor is not cancerous, that she has a quick recovery and healing. She has been a pretty healthy gal throughout her 90+ years of life, so I hope she keeps that track record!

Well, since we lose an hour of sleep, I suppose it will be an early bedtime tonight.

Good night.


Rachel said...

Your photos are great, Stacy! They show the joy your kids have at being kids. I really enjoyed reading this post. :c)
I'll keep Ruth in my prayers!

sls said...

Thank you, Rachel! :)


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