Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Beautiful Weather Walk

Today was - IS - a beautiful day! I knew it was going to be nice; afterall, it's our first 70 degree day of the year. So, imagine my surprise when I checked the temp outside before our walk!!

It was so beautiful and sunny out! A bit on the windy side, but that's OK. Elise was just happy to wear her flip flops and sundress.

On our way!

Not sure what made her run to this tree, but she sure was excited about it!

Saying "cheese!" for Mommy

"Can I catch the birdie?"

The last bit of snow...

Off goes the hoodie!

With warmer weather comes new ouchies...
At least band-aids make them all better...

What better way to top off a nice, warm weather walk than to drink a yummy, cold Icee!

After we were home for a bit, imagine my even greater surprise the next time I checked the temps...

Spring: it feels SO good!

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