Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Since the snow started to melt a couple weeks ago, there are puddles everywhere. In some cases, they're more like lakes! I have been wanting to get out and take some photos of all the reflections in the melted snow, but for one reason or another, there was never any time, or I forgot my camera. We finally went out for a drive around a local lake, and I took the chance to get out of the van in a few different spots to snap some beautiful reflections.

I thought I wanted the reflection pictures because of reflecting back on life (old melted snow) and the hope of new life (spring). Not to mention, they'd make for some pretty pictures! But God used it for something deeper. Something I needed to hear from Him at that moment.

As I was snapping away, looking at the beautiful reflections, it hit me...

The best, clearest, and most beautiful reflections occur when the water is still. At peace.

If my desire is to reflect God's love,

I need to keep my heart, soul, and mind at peace so others can clearly see Him in my life.

So simple, but just what I needed. And He knew that.

As I said on my Facebook status:

I love it when God has not allowed for something seemingly simple & unimportant to take place when I want it to; only to allow it to take place at a time when He can use it to speak volumes to my heart.
He is so amazing.

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Anonymous said...

God is so amazing! Doesnt he always know when to make you say, "ahhh, yeah, now I get it!"


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