Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Are SOOO Good!!

Robert & I pulled off the best April Fool's prank on the kids! What's worse for a kid than finding out they have to go to school on a day that was supposed to be off?? What made this believable for the kids is the fact that there were so many snow days this winter, and they already lost most of their Easter break. In fact, tomorrow is the only day they have off until summer vacation. Here's how we pulled it off:

We were all watching a movie while waiting for dinner to finish baking, and Robert secretly dialed home from his cell phone. I answered, and pretended to be talking to someone calling from the school. When I hung up, I explained that because of a miscount of the school days, they were short 2 days, and had to make up one of them tomorrow.

I wish I had a video of their reactions, but pulling out the camera would only give away the joke.

Anyway, they were all upset; Sierra & Caitlin even close to tears, saying schools just didn't care that some families like to spend time together. It was so hard to not give in and shout, "April Fool's!" right then and there. But I was going for the gold this year.

In retrospect, I'm grateful that they actually kept their composure because we probably wouldn't get Parents of the Year if we had to send anyone to their rooms over a joke...

To make matters worse (and to stick to the plan), we had to tell them after they were done eating, they needed to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Which also meant having to forego ice cream for dessert. Afterall, it was nearing 8 o' clock, and they now had school in the morning.

They were real troopers. Everyone brushed their teeth, layed out clothes for school in the morning, and started putting jammies on. The actual plan was to wait until they were all snug in their beds, but the ice cream was melting, so we had to kind of rush the plan.

Here's the grand finale:
(pause the music at the bottom of the page first)

The kids' pranks on us:

Abby: "There's a spider behind you!"
Caitlin: "What's that bug on the window?"
Sierra: "Abby's squirting the OxiClean in her mouth!!" (I fell for that one)
Trevor: "April Fool's!" (he forgot the prank)


I can't forget the best April Fool's of all time. It was 12 years ago...

It all started with the words, "Here's your ring!"
Robert, I love you with all my heart, and would say "Yes!" all over again...

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sethswifeforlife said...

That's great, Stacy! Looks like you have such a FUN family!


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