Monday, April 26, 2010

Did I Do That??

It's "Not me!" Monday! This is not my first "not me" post, as I don't ever do these types things (seriously, I don't!). It is definitely not me who has been hooked on reading MckMama's blog ever since my aunt told me about it!
It was not me who kept my hubby & kids waiting nearly an hour in the van while I gabbed after church (in my defense, it wasn't all gab)!
I most certainly did not slack on my laundry last week, only doing what was absolutely necessary, and making my hubby & kids dig for matching socks in the [clean] laundry basket.
I absolutely did not laugh at my sweet little Abby when she smacked her eye with the Wii controller while playing bowling. And I would never take a picture of her new ouchie & post it on my blah'g!
I was not that mom who overslept, causing her daughter to miss the bus this morning! And I did not grumble at all during the 20 mile drive to drop her off!
And it is not me who has a list of things I did not do over this past week, but decided it would take all day to type out!
Nope! Not me!!


Sandra said...

Poor girl! Those wii controllers can be dangerous. Our family knows a thing or two about that. :0) My son would play wii every day if we let him, but he only gets to use it three days a week...unless it gets taken away of course.

flipflopprincess said...

well it was "not me" who kept you there gabbing:) hehe! We did get something done though:) Next time we'll have to send Robert on a mission to buy toilet paper like I did Russell!lol

Blessed Mama said...

love your Not Me! our family has had some injuries due to the wii controllers... but she is still cute as can be though :)

Natasha said...

My husband is usually the gabber. I have to walk by and give him "the look." Searching for matching socks in the clean laundry basket is considered a sport in our house!

Carol said...

Many people have lost t.v.'s from Wii controller accidents. At least kids heal.

Your list isn't as bad as I think mine would be.


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