Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Memories

Christmas Eve, we tried to make it to our church's Christmas Eve service, but between bad roads and a ditched car (not us!), we arrived when everyone was leaving.

After a very long, and slow drive back home, we had the kids change into their jammies, and headed over to my aunt's house. There, all the cousins (really, they're 2nd cousins) opened a few gifts after soup & sandwiches.

The cousins with Flat Stanley. Timmy sent him from his class at school (before they came to visit over Christmas) to Trevor for a visit at our house, and we're taking pictures to document his stay with us.

Once home, and kids fast asleep in their beds, Robert & I stayed up till 3am wrapping.

Because of the large volume of photos (and believe me, these are maybe half of what I took!), I'm going to leave them smaller. If you want to see a photo at a larger size, just click on it.

Caitlin & Sierra took turns reading about the first Christmas...

Gifts from their Grandpa S.


1, 2, 3... OPEN!

Robert wanted this book, and I scored when I found the sweet and condensed version...

What does the wife of the computer guy get for Christmas?

A pink hard drive! Haha, I really do appreciate it - I just like giving him a hard time.

Christmas story from Trevor's new, and very cool, Bible.

What Abby made for us...

We ♥ Chuck!

"HUH?! Why didn't I get a Pillow Pet?!"

"Where's my Pillow Pet...sniff."

"I told you I got a Pillow Pet!"

"Ooo! Dress up!"

A guitar!

Elise looks rather bored...

My turn...

What Elise made for us...

Trevor mixing the batter for waffles...

Step away from the catnip, and no one gets hurt.

Time for brunch!

I think I can honestly say that this was the first Christmas that I was content for us to stay home alone. Of course, if given the chance, we would have preferred going 'back home' to spend Christmas with family, but it wasn't to be this year, and we were OK with that. We were so grateful to have Robert home, and not working, so I think that helped a bit, too. 

Being together as a family + Christmas morning in our home = Blessed.

Beyond measure. 

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flipflopprincess said...

I love Trevor's footie jammies :)

Looks like you had a super fun Christmas.. this is why we need to have more kids.. my poor little guy is all alone on Christmas. Maybe we'll adopt you all next year (errr this year..) so we can have a house full of fun too!lol


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