Friday, January 28, 2011

I Went Down the Hill

I'm going to post about Leah's stay with us, but for now, I am going to humble myself and post a video for the sole purpose of giving you a laugh. I told Leah to take a picture of me going down the hill, but she recorded it. Would  you believe me if I told you the screams you heard were from one of the kids? Didn't think so.
*Feel free to leave the music at the bottom of the page ON so you don't hear me scream like a girl. Which I am. A girl, I mean.*

In my defense, it wasn't easy keeping the sled under control! Had it not been for my camera going down with me (it was under my coat), I surely would have biffed it big time at the spot where I started to scream! But all I could think about was keeping it out of the snow.
Anyway, we all (except Robert, who was working) went sledding Wednesday after school. Leah hadn't gone down our hill yet, and I could NOT send her back to sunny California without some good snow sledding. So, we packed up the car with sleds and the snowboard, and headed for the golf course.

At this particular course, you are sure to see several deer. Wednesday was no exception.

I think this was the most bundled up that Leah got. It was pretty cold (22°), but not nearly the coldest it got during her stay.

The kids wasted no time in getting their sledding under way!

I think Elise was a little overwhelmed at the size of the hills at first, but she quickly got over it.

Leah and Abby went down the hill together, with Elise chasing after...

Notice Trevor's pink glove? He left his snow gloves at home, but thankfully, Elise is notorious for removing gloves in the van. Unfortunately, they are almost always pink.

I risked life and limb to get this shot. I was resisting the urge to run out of the way about two pictures ago!

Sierra was having technical difficulties trying to get up and stay up on the snowboard...

Sierra, still at it...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try....

...until you get it!

Leah, Elise, and I got too cold, so we returned to the van to warm up. From there, we saw a deer jumping and prancing its way toward Sierra. I couldn't believe how close it went to her! Unfortunately, the camera missed the action, but if you look really close to where the arrow points, you can see the deer prancing away.

It was a lot of fun, and if Leah & I were properly attired, I'm sure we could have spent the entire afternoon sledding.

More on Leah's visit later on. And by later, I mean at any point in the future after this exact moment.

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SevenPilgrims said...

This was soooo enjoyable to read, sitting here in my warm living room with my glass of ice water feeling the warm sunshine coming in through the front window. Ahhhh . . . fun in the snow. You make it sound so . . . fun. Yeah, that's the word. Fun.
Seriously, what a wonderful day together! I LOVED the photography. What memories were made . . . (smile)


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