Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert's 2nd Annual Sled Hill

Now that the snow is mostly melted (for now, anyway) I'm actually in the mood to post some snow pictures! Though, I do feel badly for Robert. All that hard work is melted away. For now. I hear snow is coming tomorrow.


Last year, Robert made a sled-track on our hill. He even poured water on it to make it nice and fast. It was such a hit, he did it again this year! And I'm sure he'll continue to do it as long as we live where there is snow.

(You'll have to excuse a lot of blurry photos. I took a most of them from inside the house, and every window has fingerprints. :P)

Another snow came, and he kept at it; making it it even better...

The girls helped form the track...

The finished product:

Even a second track!
(Those two boys are my cousins who came to play every day during their visit to Iowa.)

 Trevor & Elise went down with Flat Stanley...

Don't you love Trevor's helmet? Safety first!

If it wasn't so cold out, I'd be sledding all day with the kiddos. Instead, I've been a spectator, only going down once so far this winter. It really is a fun sled hill. Unfortunately, now that the weather is warm today, and I would love to go down the hill, there's no snow.

Maybe I'll be back later on with another post. After all, I've got a deadline to beat! ;)

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