Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Brave (though, now toothless) Cowgirl

She finally did it! Those four teeth (plus two more) are gone - allowing for her permanent ones to come in! And hopefully they come in soon.

After talking with the dentist's office the day before 'surgery,' I was breathing a sigh of relief from being told she would be knocked out before the IV was placed. I assured her she would not have to be awake for any pokes. That seemed to really put her at ease.

So, the next morning, around 5:15am, we headed out. It was so cold - only 6° - and the stars were still shining brightly. When Trevor noticed the stars, he said, "WHAT?! There's STARS?!" We are not morning people - especially not early morning people.

After we arrived at the hospital, got Caitlin checked in, and got called back to her room, Caitlin was given the hospital jammies to change into. While Caitlin is changing in the bathroom, I receive news that about throws me into a panic. She will have to be awake for the IV. All I can think of is how it took three of us to hold her down for a simple finger prick - how on earth do they think they can insert the IV?! 

So I started praying - I know there were so many others praying for her, too, and that brought a bit of comfort & hope.

When Caitlin came out of the bathroom, I explained that she will be awake for the IV, but she will still be sleeping for the extractions. I explained what an IV was as best I could - leaving out the part that the fluid and medicine get to her system through the catheter poked into her vein.

Long story short, she took the IV like a pro! She didn't even cry. I was so very relieved, but at the same time, felt like banging my head into the wall. After all we've been through, trying to get those baby teeth out, and now  she sits still! I am grateful she did, just the same. Especially with Robert being out of town, and me being the only parent there.

When the anesthesiologist came in to meet Caitlin, he asked her if she wanted to be called Caitlin, Cait, Caitie... Trevor relplied with," Or Alice..." :)

After they wheeled her away, Trevor and I got some breakfast, hit up the snack machine, mosied around the gift shop, and played checkers.

Still really sleepy afterwards...

Starting to wake up...

A gift for her bravery, and a reminder that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.
And that sure brought a smile to her face!
(you can see all her missing teeth :) )

Watching America's Funniest Home Videos while waiting to be discharged. Although, judging be her face, it doesn't seem like it was too funny. Ironically, there was a a whole clip of different ways to pull a tooth. :)

For my brave little cowgirl...

No surprise that the kids were beat! I had to really wake them up to get them to come inside the house!

The next morning, Caitlin was dressed and ready for school, but since she had not eaten anything for over a day, I thought I'd keep her home and work on getting her to eat. It's not that she wasn't allowed to, but she was really bothered by the stitches. I don't know how much she's really chewing her food, but at least she's eating!

Today is a beautiful day - nearly  the middle of December in IOWA, and it's 53°! Unfortunately, this is Iowa, and while today is a flipflop-wearing-and-no-coat- kind of day, tomorrow will be a bundle-up-or-freeze-in-the-snow kind of day. In other words, time to hibernate...

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