Thursday, December 30, 2010

Schuenie Christmas Card for 2010

This year has been a crazy, but exciting, ride for our family, and it’s awesome to see how God has been right there, in the midst of all the changes. Words can’t express the peace that comes from knowing that He has it all under control!
Here’s a rundown on what we’ve been up to:

Sierra is 11, and in 6th grade. She continues to do well in school, and she loves learning! She has really grown up a lot this year. She played her 3rd season of volleyball, and is still playing the clarinet in band at school. Sierra started youth group this fall, and loves it. She likes to wear lip gloss & mascara, and is currently working toward earning her first cell phone.

Caitlin is 9¾, and in 4th grade. She is still our funky cowgirl, and we love her for it! She plans on playing soccer again in the spring; though we found out she has quite the talent with basketball! Caitlin just had oral surgery to remove 6 baby teeth, and will go back in a couple weeks to have spacers placed in her mouth. She goes to Awana every week, and loves it.

Trevor is 8, and in 2nd grade. He has developed a love of cooking, and is always checking out cookbooks from the library, and finding new recipes he wants to try. He loves playing Wii games with Daddy, and even with his sisters, it they’re in the mood. Trevor also loves a good Nerf gun war. He also goes to Awana every week – sometimes, I think it’s because they serve cookies.

Abby is 6, and in 1st grade. She got her ears pierced over the summer, and still likes to tuck her hair behind her ears to show them off. Abby has lost 3 teeth so far, and has another wiggly top tooth. Abby loves a good cuddling, and she is becoming quite the reader now, which is great! She, too, goes to Awana, and that’s where we realized what a super-fast runner she is!

Elise is 4, and in Begindergarten. We are amazed at the maturity that has taken place in her since school started! She absolutely loves going to school, and recognizes so much of the alphabet now. It’s so much fun to hear her talk about her day and all her little friends. Elise can still be quite the handful at home, though! But Elise wouldn’t be Elise if she were a quiet and mellow girl.

Robert has gone through the biggest changes this year. Through a series of amazingly orchestrated events, his company, Iowa Computer Depot (ICD,) is doing well and he is now in his own building – no longer working at the biodiesel plant! There was a setback in the beginning, but again, God used it for good. Robert took a trip to Chicago to learn a computer program for tractors, and if all works out, he will be the go-to guy for installation and training of the computer systems in the US. He also enjoys meeting with a couple guys every other week for Bible study.

Stacey is still a stay-at-home-mom, but without the stay-at-home part most days. She started up her own little photography business, SLSphotos, and really has fun with it. Stacey also still facilitates an evening women’s Bible study, and actually gets home before midnight now! She goes to the store to answer phones for Robert from time to time, too.

This summer, we added a new member to our family – Sniper the cat. He really is great… for a cat. He is so mellow, and just goes with the flow when the kids are lovin’ on him.

Highlights of our year included a major ice storm (OK, so that’s not a highlight, but it sure made for some memories!), a Taylor Swift concert, going to California for Stacey’s sister’s graduation, getting Sniper, going to Adventureland, and Robert opening the new store. Overall, it was a fun, blessing-packed year, and we are looking forward to what the New Year has in store!

The Schuenemans
Robert, Stacey, Sierra, Caitlin, Trevor, Abby, & Elise

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

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