Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robert's Homecoming (12/10)

Robert went to Chicago for five days at the beginning of the month to meet the guy who made a computer program for research tractors. He is going to learn how to install them & train those using the program. I have no idea what Harvest Master is, but apparently, this program is way better.

So, while Robert was up in a nice hotel room with a beautiful view...

...I was home with sick kids, a school Christmas program, and a visit to the hospital... that was the first half! But we survived the busy week, and were happy to have him home again.

Trevor had the idea to make a computer cake. With fondant. Too much Cake Boss (via instant watch on Netflix). So we gave it a shot:

I usually use my cake decorating bag/tips for cakes, but didn't have black food coloring, and wasn't about to make the trip to Carroll to buy some. So I used the good ol' Cake Mate icing tubes that the local market sells. :)

Now, the following pictures make it seem as though Robert came home and was immediately bombarded with kids seeking treats, but I can assure you, he was bombarded with hugs and kisses by kids who had no thought of getting a present other than having their daddy home.

Robert was very gracious not to point out all discrepancies of our computer cake. :)

I'm still holding fast to the idea that if Robert does have to go to Germany for this program, I am going with him. Even if it requires me to hide away in his suitcase.

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