Monday, August 30, 2010

This & That

The kids survived their first week of school and have started week number two today. We've yet to get a good bedtime routine down. It really shows when it's time to wake up in the morning. Abby is still not a morning person. At all. In all honesty, neither am I.

Sierra had her first volleyball practice on Saturday. That's right, it's time for volleyball again! No more sleeping in on Saturdays, for several weeks, anyway. But she loves it.  And we have fun watching her play. That first year of volleyball was tough with Robert having to work for some of the tournaments (that last for hours), and trying to cheer her on while worrying about four kids, between the ages of 7 and 2! But we survived. We survived her second year of volleyball, too. I'm looking forward to the tournaments more this year because not only are the kids all that much older, but Robert will be able to go to all her games.

Speaking of Sierra, she's also practicing for the opus tryouts. I have to remember to go pick her up today, since she will be practicing after school. Since she's in band, she doesn't have study hall to be able to practice during the day. And speaking of band, she is going to march in Carroll's band day parade. I'm excited to see her march.

Robert made goop for the kids to play with the other night. It's the goop that is made with corn starch; it feels like a solid, but also a liquid. I loved playing with that stuff when I was a kid.

Trevor is a chef in the making. It started last year. I'm not exactly sure of the first time he got the cooking itch, but he started bringing home cookbooks every week from the library. Wanting to try new recipes. He was so excited to get his very own cookbook for his birthday! He's mastered frying eggs. I taught him how to make scrambled eggs, too. A few nights ago, he wanted to make muffins. I told him we didn't have all the ingredients, but he insisted he wanted to try anyway. He mixed flour, milk, eggs, cocoa, cinnamon, and probably a couple other things, all together. He put the batter in the muffin tin, and cooked it at 350°. He set the timer, too, but I don't remember for how long. They did not taste good. They weren't cooked all the way through, either. At least, I don't think they were. The batter was more like dough, and the muffins turned out to be like a very dense, half-baked, roll of some sort. But he tried, and I was actually impressed that he knew the basics of flour, milk, and eggs. I just wish he remembered to use those muffin cups... I will say, he knows how to make those Jiffy box muffins pretty well! His next recipe to try is puppy chow. He found that one on the internet. He googled easy recipes or something. :) After watching "Julie & Julia" last night, I think a projuect like that (going thru a cookbook over the course of a year) would be right up his alley. I think he would really enjoy that movie, actually. If he was a few years older, that is. It's a little much for an 8 year old. But he would sure get a kick out of the cooking and eating scenes! He totally gets the love of cooking from his dad.

I wish I enjoyed finding and trying new recipes, but I don't. Well, I'd enjoy trying them, just not making them. Or cleaning up after them. I do write down recipes from magazines from time to time, but haven't ever actually made any of them.

I also think it's adorable that Trevor keeps saying "infortation," instead of "information."

Well, I'd better get moving. Elise wanted to watch "Meet the Robinsons" this morning, and it's over. That's such a cute movie. Great message to 'keep moving forward.'

OK - I really need to go. Elise put Sniper in her backpack. He's such a good kitty to put up with her. Surprisingly, he was even purring this morning as she carried him around like a little baby. She just unzipped her backpack, and he's staying in there! Nope - there he goes. She swung her backpack off her shoulders, and that was enough. Elise sure does love that cat.

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