Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10!

Fall is full swing in these parts. It is a lovely sight, but I cringe when I think winter is just around the corner.

I just  love this photo. The reds, yellows, and even a bit of green against the blue sky.

It's been perfect tree climbing weather...

And guess what?? I found my already uploaded volleyball pictures! Let's see if I can get them to work...

Those were from the first tournament. I still need to resize the second tournament - the one her team placed second in. This coming weekend is the last tournament. This volleyball season has flown by, like everything else.
I took the kids to a park yesterday, after volleyball practice, to play volleyball and soccer, and hopefully take some fun fall photos. Unfortunately, those tiny black bugs were out with a vengeance! I just learned that the sharp stings aren't actually caused by them biting. Nope. It's their acid urine! Nice thought, huh? Anyway, the kids and I lasted only about half an hour before racing to the car, and checking each other for bugs. Not a single picture. Just a bruised wrist on my part from hitting the volleyball wrong. Still hurts.

Guess what? I bought something today that I haven't owned in a long time.

A kitchen trash can!! We have used hanging grocery sacks for the last several years because we kept losing silverware, thanks to sweet toddlers who loved to throw things away. It may sound like a silly thing to get excited about, but I have been so sick & tired of having grocery bags of trash hanging on my cupboard door, and I no longer have to have that eyesore in my kitchen!

Well, I should get moving. Trevor wants to make French toast for everyone, so he and Robert ran out to get the bread for it. They should be home any minute.

Hope you have a great week!

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great shots of Sierra show casing her talent and i keep forgetting you can click on the individual picture and blow it up. Say I like that trash can I'll save some trash for when we come out for a visit can't wait. (not for the garbage part)


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