Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy Bees (written last night, but I apparently forgot to hit 'publish')

Life has been quite hectic with school starting back up again. I absolutely can NOT believe today is the first day of October already! The days are just flying by. Let's just hope they fly by even faster once winter comes. The forecasters for this winter are saying that it will probably be the same, if not worse, than last winter. Last winter was B.A.D. Let's hope they're wrong!

School is going great for the kids. They all like their teachers, which is a very good thing!  I have to be honest, I was a little concerned about Elise being ready to start begindergarten, but WOW! She has grown a lot since the start of school! It has been really, really good for her. She loves to sing the songs she learns, and share about her days. All of my other kids never really went into the detail about their days like she does. She has two friends in class - Emma & "Little" Faith (she calls her Little Faith because our baby-sitter's name is Faith). I almost forgot to mention a REALLY big step for Elise - she doesn't suck her thumb at ALL in class! If you know Elise and her thumb, you'll know how huge that is for her!

Sierra goes to youth group on Wednesday nights. She has been really enjoying it! And I've been enjoying our one-on-one time for the drive there and back.  She's also in her 3rd season of volleyball. She really likes the sport, and once she gets in her groove, she's a pretty good player. A lot of the girls on her team are more... bold. Sierra is SO not bold! She doesn't ever want to step on anyone's toes, so that can get in the way at times. Not that I want her to be anyone but who she is - and DEFINITLY not an obnoxious kid, but I think it would be good fot her to speak out a bit & become a more aggressive player. At times, even off the court. But how do you encourage boldness, but at the same time, her quiet and gentle spirit? Tough one, that is.

During one of the breaks at a volleyball tournament, we discovered that Caitlin really seems to have a knack for basketball. She was just throwing a vollyball to the basketball hoop, and making shot after shot. I was impressed! So it sounds like Caitlin's sport this year will be basketball. Which is a relief for me, because it would be a little difficult to have two kids (her & Trevor) in soccer. Not to mention, I'd have to buy her a pair of cleats. I just have to say, I hope the games and practices aren't in the mornings! Volleyball is Saturday mornings, and I do like to have one day to sleep in! Caitlin also has to have 2 more teeth pulled out next week! Poor thing. She's got a tiny little mouth.

Abby has been riding her bike without training wheels (pictures on my Happiness Is... blah'g), and likes to ride everyday as soon as she gets home now. She's excited to have a wiggly top tooth (her two bottom teeth have grown back already). Abby is super excited to go on the first field trip of the year on Monday. I was hoping to go with her, but since there were so many parents who wanted to go, they drew two names per class. I wasn't one of them. I'm bummed, but she'll still have a fun day, and that's what matters.

Trevor is ever the the little chef. He always checks out cookbooks from the library (his last book was a girl cookbook, even!) and likes to try new recipes. Robert taught him how to make omlets, and he makes them a lot better than me! I can never seem to fold them over very well, but Trevor has it down! He made an omlet yesterday, even dicing a jalepeno to add with the cheese and garlic. I was impressed! He loves watching PBS shows with cooking, and those silly infomercials for cooking gadgets. It cracks me up! He's also been getting pretty good at his ollies! I have a pic of that on the Happiness blah'g.

The biggest news is with Robert's comany, Iowa Computer Depot (ICD). He now has a building and an emloyee. Well, not really an emloyee - more like a contractor. But it's help, none-the-less! We've been busy getting the building ready for the ribbon cutting on Tuesday. Lots of painting and planning. But it's been fun. Minus standing on an old, rickety ladder to paint the high ceilings! But it's come a long way, and I'll post before & after photos next week.

In my world, I've been keeping busy. Between running kids around for their activities, helping Robert, picture taking/editing/ordering, Bible study, and just the day to day stuff, I really haven't had a chance to notice my 2 or so hours of this so-called 'me time' that so many seem to think I get now that Elise is in begindergarten.

Wow! I can't believe the time! I started writing this in the morning, but now it's technically tomorrow already! The second day of October. Wow. I have a few pictures to post on here to update, but I'm much better at posting on my Happiness blah'g, so at least there are some  pictures that get posted, right?

I need sleep now. Morning comes way too early!

*Pics soon to come!*

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thank you trevor is really getting big and Caitlin and younger sisters so neat seeing them again and Caitlin a Basketball Star yippee


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