Friday, October 29, 2010

Just trying to stop the rumor mill before it gets going.

What am I saying? The rumor mill already is working - so really, this is my attempt at clarifying where we stand.

Wednesday was not the best of days for Robert. He found out some really troubling news when the press released information about Tim, the guy who owned the computer shop that Robert (ICD) took over. Here's what we know:

Before Robert met Tim, he apparently did a job for a lady, and was never paid. He took it upon himself to threaten her with exposing her drug problems (maybe more, but I'm not clear on that). Anyway, she went to the police and pressed charges for extortion. Again, I'm unclear as to what happened from point A to point B, but long story short, the police got a warrant to search his residence and business. They found meth, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in his home. He was arrested and jailed for extortion and drug charges.

** If you know us, you know we do not get involved in all the small town gossip. And up until the press release this week, knowing the gossip would have been the only way we would have known what had happened.**

Wednesday morning was the first time Robert was made aware of the situation. He also found out that Tim took a substantial amount of money (by saying a client hadn't paid when, in fact, they did), and was responsible for 'missing' parts. I'm sure that hasn't been all he's been dishonest about, but that's what we know for sure so far.

So, here we are today, 48 hours after finding out all of this. Tim never showed up at the store yesterday, or the day before. Robert has tried to contact him to tell him he's not to come back, and that he no longer will be contracted for any work, but Tim has not responded to anything. We think he may decide to 'skip town' with a computer from inventory, and the money from the check he cashed (which Robert has been reimbursed for from the bank). He is in some B.I.G. trouble now. Well, bigger trouble, but he made his bed...

We've heard a lot in the last couple of days that 'it would have been nice to know all of this ahead of time.' Yeah, I guess, but it's all God that we didn't. My last post went over God's timing with the beginning of this new chapter, and none of that has changed. Even now. If Robert had  known about Tim's recent charges, he never would have taken over Tim's company, the building/phone/utilities, and he would have had to go back to the refinery when they called. You can call it ignorance or whatever you want, but we see it as God using blinders to get us from there to here, just like a jockey uses blinders on his horse to get it to cross the finish line. Because none of this would be what it is today if the events and information came about in any other way than they did.

And that is just one more confirmation that we're on the right track.

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