Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts at Random

I bought the prettiest shade of pink nail polish the other day. Now, I have no clue where it went.

I hate it when I'm totally telling the truth, but feel like the person I'm talking to thinks I'm just making up a lame excuse, and then I start stumbling over my words, only making myself look like I'm totally lying.

I enjoyed playing a couple of rounds of Yahtzee with Robert in bed last night. We each won a round. Though, when I won, I pummeled him!

I really want to paint the halls upstairs. I know what color, too. I think. Robert is in the midst of fixing Elise's "construction project" from over a year ago, and when he's done, we really should paint right away. But, I will miss all the "art" that has adorned those halls for the past year.


The Schuenies are so over this Iowa winter thing. We really aren't cut out for living like Eskimos for half of the year. People out here try to make themselves believe the cold is only for a few short months, but we start putting away summer clothes and dig out the warmer clothes and coats by mid-September. They aren't always worn every single day at that point, but they are in the drawers and ready, none the less.  We don't do the switch back to summer clothes until mid-April at the earliest, but usually later. So really, there are nearly 8 months of the year where it's at least chilly out. I miss not having to switch out seasonal clothes.

All that said, we aren't currently looking to move back to a warmer climate just yet. Just day-dreaming for now. But if you hear of a warm place that needs an Iowa Computer Depot, let us know! :)

I will say, I do appreciate warmer weather more than I ever have before.

I absolutely can't stand the over saturated magenta that is on Barbie's face in 'A Fashion Fairytale.' No other characters' faces are like that, why'd they do it to Barbie's? So distracting.

I threw a frozen ham in the crockpot the other day. I was a bit nervous to cook it that way, but it turned out just fine. Just added a little water, brown sugar, and pineapple juice. As I type this, I realize that I was saving that ham for our traditional green eggs and ham for St. Patrick's Day. Oops.

I am not being paid to say this, but I love the new Purex crystals softener. It truly is an amazing product. I never used softener or dryer sheets with towels because of the film they leave on fabric, causing them to not absorb as well as they should, but this stuff is different. It doesn't leave a film on fabric. Though, I still don't use it with my towels. I prefer my towels to be rough and scratchy. We have a couple soft towels that I avoid like the plague. Anyhoo... The reason why I think this product is amazing is because you can throw in a load of laundry when you go to bed at night with half the recommended amount of crystals, be so busy the next day that you completely forgot about it, go to bed dog-tired, figuring you'll just have to rewash those jeans in the morning, only to wake up, open the lid to the washer, and smell clean laundry instead of wet dog. Seriously cool! Just don't ask how I know that...

I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. I should know since it's about that time right now.

I rarely get a blah'g post done in one sitting. This one is no exception

We use sea salt. But not on popcorn. We use popcorn salt on popcorn.

I love Sierra's new haircut, but I miss her long tresses. Makes her seems not as Californian. But she will always be Californian, no matter the hairstyle.

Californian is a silly word.

Sometimes when people are talking, I try to listen as though I was a person who speaks a different language. English can sound quite silly.

I'm not a confrontational person. At all. I told Robert that I would be his bookkeeper only if I never had to call people with delinquent accounts. Or call people period.

I don't do well talking to people I'm not very close to over the phone.

I've actually come to a point where I do like to text rather than talk. Of course, there are exceptions. Especially for something lengthy.

I like it when Robert calls.

I love that Trevor wants to be a chef when he grows up.

I truly know I have five awesome kids. They have their moments like every other kid, but they genuinely want to do what's right, love everyone, and do their best.

I still keep a prayer journal. It's awesome to read through past journals/entries and see how those prayers were answered. Especially when a prayer was answered in an unexpected, or even completely different, way. Not everything is a "yes," "no," or "maybe." Sometimes it's "You can't see it yet, but this way is better. Trust me."

I wish frames weren't so expensive. At least the frames I like. I have pictures to hang, but no frames to put them in.  Somebody alert me when Hobby Lobby has a 90% off clearance.

Unless it's for an imminent need, I won't pay full price for anything. In fact, I usually only pay 10-25% of the original price. Like shoes. Trevor's new $30 shoes cost me $6. Elise's boots cost $3, Robert's shoes cost $12, and I've bought several pairs of Converse for under $6 each. I recently got myself a pair of $60 jeans for $9, and a $30 shirt for $4.

I miss real Mexican food.

We're having waffles for dinner.

I hate grocery shopping.

I hate knowing that not-so-true things are said about me, and there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to practice what I preach and know that God knows the truth, my heart, and anyone who truly knows me, knows better.

We like watching History, Discovery, and National Geographic shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, it usually leaves me with the 'travel bug.' As I type, I want to go on a week safari in Africa. I looked it up - an all inclusive, week long trip for two would cost $4,000 or even less. Please call me if you find that on clearance for 90% off!

Tomorrow is going to be beautiful! And the forecast for next week is showing all 50ยบ or higher!

I love that we're a family who does pretty much everything together.

We didn't have waffles for dinner. We had ham, egg, and cheese burritos. Figured I should use up the rest of my crockpot ham. Waste not, want not, right?

Caitlin knew right where that pink nail polish was.

Abby's lisp is getting better. Although I find it adorable, I know she can't talk that way forever. She's really starting to grow out of it now. Even with the challenge of missing both top front teeth!

I keep reminding Elise to stop sucking her thumb, but secretly, I love that she still does.


'Cause one day all too soon, I'm gonna miss it when she doesn't.

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Natasha said...

Love the walls. I have some VERY similar.


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