Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elise, age 3

Well, Elise is the fifth & final child for our family. For real. ;) It's a good thing, too. She's a one-girl demo team! Starting from the get-go. And I mean the get-go. I was so very, very sick before I even had a thought that I could be pregnant! I could not keep anything down. Anything. My poor kids were basically fending for themselves and living off of cold hot dogs and cereal those first few months (when Robert was gone at work). All I could do was curl up and moan. And toss whatever sips of liquid or nibbles of food I tried to ingest. It was bad. Even landed in the hospital for a couple days from dehydration and exhaustion. Once there, and after the doctors hooked me up, I slept for 24 hours - straight. It was miserable. Adding to that, we had only moved to Iowa about 3 months earlier, so I not only missed my mom (& everyone else, of course!), but now I needed her. Really, it was just another time in my recent life where God showed me I needed Him. He somehow got us through it without being able to send kids to Grandma's house. He somehow kept me from losing weight I couldn't afford to lose. He somehow kept that precious baby girl nourished, healthy, and strong. I am so thankful for that. I'm so thankful it's over. And I am super-DUPER thankful I don't have to go through that again!

Doesn't that face just scream trouble?? ;)

'lise, 'lisey, 'lisey Joy... all nicknames. When she's in trouble... E-lise!! And that was heard a WHOLE  lot around here during her terrible twos! Thankfully, she's mostly moved on from that phase. Mostly. Elise has been the most curious and 'artistic' child we've had. And we've had 4 others! Anytime I would be doing what I needed to get done (almost always the laundry, as it's upstairs), she would find something better to do than what I gave her to do. Elise's life is best summed up in photographs, There are just no words...
And the pièce de résistance...
Yup - Elise is her own demolition crew! She's lucky she's so cute & we love her more than the walls, the carpet, Mommy's make-up, the baking soda... Someday, all her 'experiments' will hopefully prove themselves worthy. I can just see her becoming an interior designer/decorator. Or a mommy to an equally curious child. :)

Elise loves having mommy all to herself now-a-days while the big kids are in school. She has found the perks in not having to share a treat or my lap. She loves going to Story Time at the library. ((The lady who reads us stories & gives us crafts to do was actually my preschool teacher! It's neat that all my kids have gotten to know her some.)) Elise loves to pick out books, and we pretty much have them all read within an hour of getting home!
It's hard to believe our little baby isn't a baby anymore. No more diapers, wipes, baby food, etc. I have to say, it's pretty nice!! :)
We love to hear her cute little voice. She chatters & sings, but also hums. I've caught her humming a tune while she's just sitting there playing. And ooh, those dimples!! Love them.
Elise is one-of-a-kind. We love her so much, and as much destruction as she's brought upon our home, she's brought (as Trevor would say) a 'google-plex' times more joy.


flipflopprincess said...

hm. glad I read this (as my poor baby cries for me..) makes me feel alittle better. I can handle teething.. I'll just have to remember it could be much.. MUCH worse. God bless Elise though - she does keep life interesting:)

OH! And I can totally see her with her own show on DIY.haha!

moejolarry said...

I just had to laugh at the "experiments" photos ~ and then compare them to the sweet girl posing for you in the ballerina outfit.


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