Monday, February 8, 2010

Trevor, age 7

*I'm gonna say it again: I haven't forgotten Caitlin! I'm just timing it out so her post will be on her birthday :)*

Trevor. If you know him, you're now picturing his big brown eyes, his sweetness (most of the time... tho I'm sure his sisters have a different word to describe him!), his craziness, his manners & funny remarks. I could fill a novel with his comments and remarks. Maybe I'll do a post of them in the future.

Trevor is in 1st grade. Having him in begindergarten (preschool) for a second year was the best thing for him. He was able to mature a lot before kindergarten, helping him to be the super student he is today. He's received Student of the Month both in K & 1st, and I'm sure that will be true for the remainder of his elementary years. When he was home with asthma issues for 3 days, the teacher asked what things could be written in his get well cards. One of the girls from his class said she missed Trevor's good behavior...  proud mommy moment! :)

Trevor has had asthma since he was 15 months old, when he became very sick. We had taken him to the doctor's office, had him x-rayed, only to be sent home with a prescription for bronchitis. Later that evening, Trevor was struggling to breathe, so we rushed him to the ER where he was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia and influenza. He was in the ICU for days, then a 'regular' room for a few more. I am so grateful God kept me unaware of how grave the situation really was until after he was better, and giving us the strength & support needed to get through that scary time. He still has his asthma issues, scaring us again last year with 2 different hospital stays, but he now sees a specialist every 6 months and is on a once daily inhaler as a preventative measure. That, combined with prayer, kept him from even needing to go to the doctor during his last asthma flare-up! So, so thankful for all the prayers prayed for him last week!!

So, Trevor has asthma. Does that stop or even hinder him? Absolutely not!! Except during the winter months, you'd never even know he has it! Trevor is the most active & coordinated kid I know! He was riding a 2-wheeler before he was 3, always wanting to try new tricks & crazy stunts. All with no ER visits from injuries! Though, he has gotten himself stuck in trees! Once, being stuck for a while because everyone was inside, unable to hear his calls for help! He told us later that he just kept asking Jesus to help him, so it was neat to be able point out to him that Jesus answered him by Robert needing to go outside to get something from his car. I'm sure for some, it's a whole lot easier to take that as a simple coincidence - and it is a coincidence (2 incidences happening at the same time), but one set up by God. I'm sure Trevor would have been just fine sittin' pretty in the tree. He probably would've jumped down eventually (he wasn't really that high, and now wouldn't think twice to jump). But that small coincidence was a faith builder for him. Even thinking back to that story makes me laugh, thinking of my Trevor, stuck!! The same boy who is seemingly fearless, so agile, & does his own stunts! Seriously, if he ever breaks a bone, it will be from tripping on an untied shoelace or some simple thing ;)

You know when you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, they usually say things like a doctor, teacher, mommy, sports player, etc. Not Trevor. He wants to be a sniper. But a sniper that doesn't kill people ;) He also wants to be a spy, and new to the list of possible occupations - a ninja. Of course, all of which require a black only dress code. It's a far cry from the bright red and blue of Spiderman!

Trevor's finally seemed to come to terms that he won't be getting a 'real' brother, and it's neat to see that God still provides 'brothers' for him with a few boys from church. Who, I might add, also have only sisters at home :) He loves to rough-house, wrestle,  shoot guns, and all the things boys love doing. Sometimes his sisters play along with him, but it's not often & it doesn't last very long, so he gets so super excited to have boy time! Which reminds me of something he doesn't say anymore, but it's so cute, I have to share it. When he was just learning to read and sound out words, he was trying to read the name on his gun. And for the longest time after, he called his gun a "Neefer" gun ;)

So, to sum him up, he's a sweet, loving, funny, athletic, & handsome boy - with a crazy side. Yup, he's a keeper!

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moejolarry said...

Yes, I first thought of Trevor's beautiful brown eyes. I love the photo of him jumping off the high board and his surprised look at Christmas, and his smile, and etc! Love these updates that you are doing on the kids!


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