Thursday, February 4, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything...

including starting a blog. My aunt asked me if I ever thought about starting one. Nope - I never have. Until now, anyway. I'm not even sure where to begin, really...I guess I'll start by explaining why I chose what I chose for my blog name.

Just Keepin' Up... it's exactly what it says. And a little more. I'm the stay-at-home mom of 5 great kids & wife to an absolutely amazing guy. So sometimes, I do feel like I'm just keepin' up. Or trying to, at least! But there's a second meaning behind that title. More of a spiritual meaning for me. Keeping in the race set before me. Perservering to the end, when I will come face to face with Jesus. I don't need to finish first, having a laundry list of accomplishments (I'm happy if I can even FINISH my laundry ;) ), but I do strive to run the race well, keepin' up with where I am, where I need to be, and growing a lot in the process.

A quick intro:

My name is Stacey. My life is pretty crazy! I'm so very blessed in every aspect of my life, and I never want to take that for granted. Ever. I am not too much of a girly-girl, but becoming a bit more as my kids grow up. I'm involved in our church, co-leading the women's ministry & Bible study, and helping with Children's Worsip whenever needed. I've always like to take a good picture, but became more interested in 'real' photography in the last couple years. I love to get out with my hubby, but that doesn't happen too often with 5 kids! Instead, we'll put kids to bed, get a Redbox movie (can't beat a $1 movie!), make some munchies, & cuddle up. Love that.

My husband's name is Robert. He works very hard to support us. Very hard. He works 12 hour days at a biodiesel refinery, and on his days off, he's working to build up his new computer company. Which, I might add, is doing extremely well, and he hasn't even really advertised yet! He's a great cook, likes to experiment in the kitchen (I never knew Top Ramen could taste SO good!) and makes the best steak & potatoes! He's also beating his nicotine addiction, and I am so proud of his commitment & determination.

Our oldest child is Sierra. She's such a sweet-spirited 10 year old girl. She loves singing, dressing up, reading, playing her clarinet, and being with friends. She wants a cell phone sooo badly, but if her parents survived childhood without one, so can she ;)

Second is Cailtin. She's going to be 9 in just a few days. She's our curly-haired cowgirl. She has loved horses (and not just the My Little Pony kind) since she was 3. She's our space cadet with a style all her own, but she's a great friend to everyone.

Then there's Trevor. The only boy, smack-dab in the middle. He is the most loving boy (unless he's pushing his sisters' buttons!) and gives smiles & hugs freely and generously. He's got big brown eyes that melt my heart. He also struggles with asthma - mainly during the winter, but that doesn't stop him one bit!

Abby's #4, and she is a sweetheart of a 5 year old! She is quite the runner, and is always full of energy. Except in the mornings. She is NOT a morning person in any sense!! She's a great sister to all her siblings, playing dress up with big sisters, dolls with little sister, & rough-housing with brother.

Rounding up our crew is Elise. She may be 3, but she's still got one foot in the 'terrible twos.' She's learning the joys of dress-up, and is almost always wearing a little tu-tu. No diapers for her for about a year, so really, she's not a baby anymore, but we try to keep her one :) She was the biggest surprise, and we love her dearly.

And last,but not least, Rocco, our turtle. We recently found out 'he' was a 'she', but after 5 years, the name & the 'he' calling stays :)

So, I guess that does it for the intros. I'll just end my 1st post with a summary I have posted on a social networking page:

I was born in IA, raised in CA and I was never going to get married, have children, and definitely never leave Orange County! I've been married over 11 years and am a stay-at-home mom of 5 kids: Sierra(10), Caitlin(8), Trevor(7), Abby(5), & Elise(3), and we've lived in IA for 4 years. I've grown so much these past few years, learning a few lessons along the way: No matter how set & secure you may be, God can pull the rug out from under you (but He will catch you, strengthening your faith & trust in Him), I've learned how to truly be content with as much (or little) we have - knowing that nothing compares with the peace Jesus brings, that you CAN get a ticket for not using a blinker (I got a warning), that there's a light bulb for license plates (also a warning), not every piece of equipment used by farmers is called a tractor, and there comes a time when you absolutely can NOT wear flip-flops in the winter! With our family complete & the youngest potty trained, I'm excited to be heading into the next chapter of our family life!

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