Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Abby, age 5

Sweet little Abby. Around here, we also call her 'B' or Abby Cadabby. She is such a sweetheart... after she's been given the chance to wake up in the mornings. Abby is a night owl. It doesn't matter how early she's woken up or how hard she's played throughout the day, she just can't fall asleep when it's time for bed. So, if you want to come play with Abby, you'd better wait until after breakfast. Sometimes even lunch.


Abby started kindergarten this year. Except for the fact that school starts in the morning, she's really enjoying it. Her teacher said you'd never know she had a late birthday (for my CA readers, late means summer as the cut-off for bdays is early Sept.), if it weren't for how easily she gets distracted. Some assignments take her a lot longer than the other kids, but she gets them done. Abby's class has started up spelling tests now, and she's spelled all her words correctly - both times! She also has been tying her own shoes for quite some time. Though, after a summer of flip flops, she needed refresher courses :) But of all her accomplishments, I'd say the biggest one was writing/spelling her last name last spring. If you know our last name, you know it's not an easy one!

Abby reached a super big milestone a couple weeks ago...
Abby lost her 1st tooth!! She's the youngest we've had to lose a tooth. In fact, she's even got another wiggly tooth!

Abby was our first, and only, baby we decided to be surprised with the gender. We had no girl names chosen up until the very end. Since we didn't know what we were having (besides a baby), we simply called her 'Baby' throughout the pregnancy. One night, while we were talking in bed, we finally decided on Abby for a girl's name. A few short hours later, I woke up in labor. I'll spare you all the details, but her head, though in the birth canal, wasn't positioned right. My doctor thought we were having a bald baby. In reality, she had a mop of dark hair - it was her forehead my doctor saw coming! Thankfully, she realized that, and took her by c-section.  Though it was a scary and quite unexpected thing, I'm glad Abby arrived, safe & sound. Oh! I almost forgot... a while after she had been born, it dawned on me - we had called her by her name the whole pregnancy. The letters were just a little jumbled up :)

One thing that makes Abby, Abby, is her high little voice and her lisp. It's something we work on here & there, but I've been told she will most likely outgrow it by the time she's 6 or 7 years old. Not that I want her to grow up having a lisp, but I will miss it when it's gone.
 One of Abby's great qualities is that she's a friend to everyone. She's independent and likes to play by herself, but will also play with anyone who needs a friend. And that goes for her brother & sisters, too! Well, except in the morning... Anyway, she's usually very easy-going, playing  along with what others want to play.
Here's a little known Abby fact: I haven't had to cut her fingernails in 3 years. She's a nail-biter. It's not because she's nervous, timid, or shy - she isn't. She just likes to bite her nails. I used to try and stop her, but why? So I look like a 'good' mom? So she looks like a perfectly trained kid? She's not harming herself or others. It doesn't reflect bad character. She's not here to make me look good.  So I don't harp. There are far worse habits that she could have!

So that's a bit about Abby. She's a big sweetie-pie that brightens up the room with her sweet smiles :)

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moejolarry said...

Abby does have a sweet smile! I can not get over her detailed Jack in the Box picture. At her age I could only scribble!


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