Friday, February 12, 2010

Caitlin... age 9!!!

So, I will try to get over my 'Mommy guilt' for not getting Caitlin's post up ON her birthday. I spent the day preparing (making cupcakes for her class), eating lunch with the Birthday Girl, more preparing (buying her a new balloon, disposable plates/forks, making & decorating her horse cake), feeding kids a pizza dinner, then cake & ice cream, and presents. I didn't even get a chance to clean up before company, so you know it was a crazy day! But a good kind of crazy - blessing & celebrating my 2nd born, Caitlin.
(Caitlin & me at lunch)

Caitlin wouldn't be Caitlin without her love of horses. She's loved those animals since she was 3. Caitlin had her first horseback ride was when she was 4, on a horse named Corky.  She is a natural with animals and has such a calm spirit that they respond to. We think her dream job of being a veterinarian suits her.

Caitlin got to sign up for soccer last spring. She had a lot of fun chasing after that ball! She didn't make any goals, but that didn't bother her. I think she'll be giving it a go again this spring, so it will be fun to see her confidence grow. Maybe she'll even score a goal. But if she doesn't, that won't stop her from having fun - she's cool like that :)

Chances are, when you hear Caitlin's name, you also think of her Shirley Temple curls. The only difference - Cailtin comes by hers naturally. Some days she wishes she had straight hair, others, she's asking me to use her curl enhancer spray. She goes back & forth from wanting to grow her hair out one day, to cutting it the next. Right now, she's wanting it cut. If she still wants it short after she comes home from school, we just might go for it. I do like her hair in a cute bob :)

Caitlin is a dental trooper. For some reason, her teeth like cavities. She brushes as much as her siblings (who don't get cavities), but nearly every dentist visit, she's got at least a tiny cavity. Thankfully, she's only had cavitites on her baby teeth. Did you know you can get colored fillings? If you look in her mouth, it looks like she got a little bit of pink taffy stuck on some of her teeth. :) She also has a small mouth, so her teeth are a bit crowded. Caitlin's had 2 teeth pulled and still needs to have one more pulled. I'm sure braces will be in her future!

Caitlin is our little space cadet at times. She likes to do her own thing, but also loves playing with her friends. Caitlin loves to use her imagination, and will play a lot of 'house.' Though, her house usually consists of dogs. Walking the dogs, feeding the dogs, playing with the dogs, and grooming the dogs. She will also play a lot of detective - spying on us, looking for mysteries, and finding clues. I also want to mention that 3rd grade is when they start giving letter grades & honor roll, and she has made honor roll both quarters! 

Yesterday was her 9th birthday. I can't believe our little Cakin is 9! Time sure flies. She's the only one with a birthday during the school year. Believe it or not, she loves it! Here are some photos of her big day yesterday:

We are so blessed by this beautiful, curly-Q. She's got a style all her own, and a sweetness that we just can't get enough of. I love her laugh, I love her smiles, I love her quirkiness... I just love CAITLIN!

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moejolarry said...

Happy Birthday to Caitlin! Wow, what a nice job on the cake! Love all the photos, especially the one with of you 2 together at her school. She looks so happy & proud to be with her mom!


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