Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been keeping warm with the laptop on my lap most of the evening. I've not really been searching anything - just keeping warm. :)  The girls all have friends over for the next 3 nights, so they were all playing happily until bedtime, allowing for some chill time for me.

I got my hair cut the other day. My hair is about a foot shorter now, so it's quite strange to run my fingers through it! Not to mention, I'm still using a ton of shampoo out of habit! :) I do miss my long hair, though. Don't miss the tangles, but I miss the length. It's not really all that short - about shoulder length - but it's still a big change for me. I was so nervous to get it cut. Every woman in Iowa seems to have the same cut, but I like to be myself. I think myself is with long hair. :) At least my hair grows fast!

OK.  I must be tired to write about my hair!

So, how about my new dishwasher I can't use? I guess we needed to get a part for installation. You know how Toys 'R' Us checkers have to ask if you need batteries? Home improvement store checkers need to ask if you need an elbow thingamajig. Oh well. I've been without a dishwasher for weeks now, what's another day?  I noticed our old one starting to die a bit last year. It started with the dispenser lid not popping open anymore. Then, it was the (I'm assuming) timer-thingy. I would start the dishwasher, and realize a couple hours later that it was still on the same cycle. Then the water wouldn't fill at all. There was also a leak somewhere in there because the dishwasher decided it would keep on filling with water! I can't wait to use my new dishwasher for more than a double-decker drying rack!

Alright... the dishwasher?? Seriously.

So, if you know me, you know how punch-drunk I get when I'm tired. I laugh at things that aren't even funny. I say off-the-wall remarks. I sing the Punky Brewster theme song. Yup. That was no typo. I actually sang the chorus of Punky's theme song at Bible study last night! A bit goofily, I might add. In my defense, it's been a long week. And my body is so used to those snow days, it's hard to get used to waking up so early again! In fact, I'm falling asleep as I type.

Think I'll hit the hay now. Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow. :)


flipflopprincess said...

You make me laugh so much! I get the same way though. Russell said it was worse when I was pregnant. I would say totally off the wall things at random times. I remember driving by Ralston and saying "I hate that smell" and he said "what smell?" I replied "Can't you hear it?" Yes. Hear the smell, Russell. Hear the smell. LOL

Can't wait to see your hair. I can't imagine it that short! Almost 3 years since I cut mine and I still think of myself as a person with long hair. Sure don't miss the headaches though.

sls said...

lol - I honestly never had long hair headaches. Except for the headache of trying to keep it brushed & all ;)


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