Sunday, February 21, 2010

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I'm waiting for my washer to stop spinning & my dryer to finish up so I can switch loads. I am ALWAYS doing laundry. Seriously. Every stinkin' day. If I don't do at least a load or two a day, you can't see my hall floor upstairs. No joke. I've done 6 loads today, and still have a bunch left. Figure I'll do one more load of jeans (2nd jeans load today) before calling it a night.

I also loaded the dishwasher for load #3 (yay!), and mopped the kitchen floor. After making dinner, of course. Here's a couple cell shots of my new toy:

You can't really tell by the pictures, but I can fit SO much more in one load than with my old dishwasher!! I love having the silverware in the door, and no posts in the middle of the racks (that had to stay uncovered for the water to flow through). I also love that the top rack is adjustable, so the dinner plates now fit!!

Abby was Star of the Week a couple weeks ago. It's something the kindergarten classes do for each student the week of their birthday (or in Abby's case, half birthday). I made her a poster just like I did for Caitlin & Trevor when they were in kindergarten. I figure it's a lot easier than them toting different objects to school for the week! Here's Abby with her poster:

And here's my warm cuddlebug. She wanted to sit with me, and after a sip of water, was out cold! I love how she sleeps like an angel with her hands together by her face. :)

Wow. It's almost 1am! At least that last load I mentioned is in the wash. By the time I close up shop, it should be ready for the dryer. And then I can finally fall asleep.


flipflopprincess said...

well I no longer feel bad about my bathroom. Can barely see the tub anymore.. it's piled high with blankets that need to go to the laundrymat. Can't fit them in the washer.. and have no where else to put them. Glad we bought this house with awesome whirlpool tub. It's been used a whole 4 times maybe. Mostly, it's just used for storage. lol

moejolarry said...

Laughed at your title of this post! Love your new dishwasher too!


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