Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother's Day Surprises (A forgotten post!!)

**This post was written the week after Mother's Day, and apparently never was published. Oops.**

Mother's Day was especially nice this year.

My original request was to make the 3 hour drive to Sioux Falls, SD, which is the nearest location of our favorite restaurant, Chevy's.

We didn't make it that far.

Instead, I had a day in which everything surprisingly went my way.

My day began at about 10:15am. I was served breakfast in bed, complete with flowers on the tray - though they didn't make the picture...
In case you're wondering, breakfast was an omlet, extra crispy hashbrowns, asparagus & tomatoes, and green bell pepper; just because I love to munch on them. 

After breakfast, I experienced the only not-so-perfect part of my day. An invigorating shower. And, by invigorating, I mean cold.

Walking outside, I was pleasantly surprised with new blooms:

Then walking down the sidewalk toward the van, I received something better than a plain ol' greeting card:

We loaded up in the van, for Sioux City instead of Sioux Falls, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the van's temperature read-out show 86°. Perfect weather! I took a picture of the temp, but it's nowhere to be found. You'll have to take my for word for it.

Once we made it to Sioux City, we went to Target. I love Target. I get the best deals there. Like a total of three pairs of shoes for under $10. So awesome.

For dinner (we ate breakfast so late, we skipped lunch), we went to Red Robin. Guess what they just started to offer!
Fried zucchini!!
If you've known me for any length of time, you know how much I love Jamba Juice, and how bummed I am to not have any nearby. Nearby meaning within 2 or 3 hours from home. I miss my Kiwi Berry Burner with a Vita-Juice Boost, please (though, I don't think they still carry that one). Those new McDonald's smoothies are OK for a great pick-me-up, but they just aren't the same.
 Several months ago, I was so excited when a friend told me she saw a Jamba smoothie mix at Costco. When I went there, I almost bought one, but they only carried strawberry/banana. I only eat bananas when they are perfectly ripe, and when I'm in the mood for one. I hate banana in any kind of smoothie, yogurt, candy... you name it, so I put the smoothie mix back in the freezer. Major bummer.
BUT, Mother's Day brought yet ANOTHER pleasant surprise!
Non-banana Jamba Juice smoothie mixes!!
 They even had Razzmatazz!! Oh, I was so stoked! Funny thing is, I haven't tried even one yet. I'm saving them for a special occasion. I might have to make one up pretty soon, though. My mouth is watering just from looking at that picture!

You're probably expecting to see a picture of me with my kids to end this Mother's Day post. I'm sorry to disappoint, but we didn't get the chance. Believe me, I planned on taking a picture of all of us, but it hasn't worked out yet. I will soon.

And, if you know me, you know 'soon' is relative.

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