Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Daddy and his Princesses

Friday night, Robert & our four girls went to their first father/daughter dance at a Fairytale Ball. I wasn't so sure Robert would be excited about it at first, but when I mentioned it to him, he totally was. Of course, the girls were over the moon excited, too! And with me being the photographer for the night, I got to be that fly on the wall all the other moms wished they could be.

When the girls got home from school (Trevor went to a friend's house for the afternoon/evening), we went into super rush mode. We had just over an hour to get everyone dressed, pressed, primped, & prettied before heading out the door.
I did Elise's hair before school, thinking I would save myself one hairdo, but as soon as I finished putting her hair up, I realized that she has recess. Outside. In the cold where she would need a hat. So, I showed her how to wrap a scarf ever-so-gently over her head to keep her ears warm. There were still obvious signs of play on her hair, so it wasn't perfect (the braids were in the shape of a heart originally, but started looking like a circle), but it saved me about ten minutes. I simply curled her ends and fly aways, and called it done.

Caitlin's hair was the quickest. What I wouldn't give to have curly hair! Scrunch it up, throw in a cute, matching headband, and you're done! Though, I did part her hair on the side and twisted it around her head, securing it at the nape of her neck  Just to make it a little more of a 'do.' Too bad the flower hid the twist. It did look cute

Abby's hair is so thin, so I did a french braid across the top, and secured it at the nape of her neck, and curled her hair. I had a sparkly headband for her to wear, but when she came home from school after wearing a headband all day, I gave her the option to go without it, and she readily accepted. Though, in retrospect, I wish I put little flowers in the braid. Oh well, she still looked adorable!

Sierra's was the most time consuming, but it really wasn't difficult. Just a LOT of twisting. And bobby pins. I just wish a had more than four of those twist in flowers. Sierra loved her hair, and the next day when we took it down, her hair was majorly curly and a bit poofy. I think she liked that part more than the actual hairdo!

My Prince Charming and his little Princesses...

I'll cut to the chase and get to the pictures. It was AMAZING! The decor was beautiful! Every little detail was thought of. I truly have some talented friends! Those girls put so much work and HEART into the whole event, and it showed in every smile, squeal, and tear of joy.

*This is one of the photos from the Grand March. I didn't get a photo of the castle without people around it, so this will have to do:

I just wish I pictured more of the detail. I was about to do just that, but needed to switch my lens first. Then it was all in slow motion. My lens rolled off my fingers and hit the floor. Totally breaking. I seriously about cried. So, with that , I totally lost my groove, and didn't get every little detail that I really enjoy finding and shooting. After it broke, I tried putting it back together and taking a photo.
This was the best it got:

Don't those cupcakes look wonderful, blurry focus and all? Just another way those girls behind the scenes poured their heart into the evening.

Now I'll stop blabbing and get to the pictures. I did take pictures of more than just my family, but being that this is my blah'g, that's all you're gonna get. For now. Be sure to check out my website (in the "proofing" tab) over the next couple days to see the rest! So far, 12 hours of pouring through all the photos and editing them. My eyes are going buggy! But it's so worth it getting to see all the sweetness and love.

OK, I'm really stopping with the blabbering now!

The Grand March

Cupcakes & punch... 

Time to dance... 

Strike a pose! 

The girls helped me figure out where I wanted the lights we borrowed from a friend and fellow photographer.. 

Back to the dance floor! 

A princess read the girls a story... 

Ellise sort of listened.

Abby met a little twin, I mean, friend. 

Caitlin kept saying that she was not going to dance, but of all the girls, she was the one dancing the most! 

Elise wasn't so sure about the volume... 

Beautiful Sierra. 

The last song for the even was none other than "Butterfly Kisses."
(I'm so bummed Abby didn't want to dance this one. And Elise wanted to go back to running around, but she stayed long enough for a picture.) 

"I don't want to go!" 

(This wasn't Robert's best smile, but it was the best of the girls. I'll be nice & swap his head out from another picture before ordering our keepsake.)

All in all, it was a fun and very special evening for Robert and the girls. When we got in the car to leave, the girls were tired, but still so giddy from excitement.

They already can't wait for it to come around again next year!

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