Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to CA: Tuesday, June 15th

 Moving on in our California trip...

Robert, Dad, Mom, Leah, and I went to In-n-Out for lunch. Yummm.

After lunch, we got everyone ready to go to a really cool children's museum called Pretend City. It's such a cool place, and the kids had a blast!

We drove by where I used to work before Sierra was born during our *ahem* 'detour' on the way...
I worked on the 19th floor (top) on the other side of this building. I met Cindy Crawford in an elevator here (we were both pregnant), and all I could think was how funny her toes looked. Now, I can't even remember them. :)Anyway, she was there to talk with 24 Hour Fitness about a promotional commercial with Shaq, and their offices were a couple floors below my company's floor.
Don't know what that has to do with anything, but that's what my fingers typed. ;)

So, after fighting traffic and making that little *ahem* 'detour' (for the dads, not the kids! And no, it's not far away drive at all), we made it with about 30 minutes or so to play.

At closing time, there is a fun little parade that the kids can join in (my kids didn't), playing whatever instrument they choose.
Hopefully the guy who leads them, singing & dancing all crazy, gets paid a lot!

After playing at Pretend City, we headed back to Huntington Beach to meet up with a good friend of mine at the beach. Even though we were there at sunset and not during the warm, sunny times, we all had a blast and it didn't stop the kids from playing in the water!

Carol and her daughter, Kimberlyn...

I imagine they were yelling out to the waves. I remember doing the very same growing up :)

Of course, I couldn't resist taking some photos of sweet little Kimberlyn!

Abby & Elise loved hugging on Kimber!

And here are a few different sunset shots...

After the beach, we enjoyed a yummy dinner at an old favorite: Lazy Dog Cafe. Believe it or not, I didn't think to pull out my camera! But it's a pretty neat place with the yummiest zucchini spears around! Well, maybe they're tied with Claim Jumper's, but either way, it's super yummy! And to make them taste even yummier - we got them free because we still get birthday and anniversary coupons for free appetizers! Have I said yummy??


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Natasha said...

What a fun looking children's museum! We went to the EdVenture Children's museum in SC a few weeks ago and it was a hands on type too. Love the beach photos.


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