Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pizza Hut, Ice Cream, Pool, & Oko-Baloney

 Yes, I know it's spelled 'bologna,' but for the sake of wanting it to look as catchy as it sounds, I spelled it phonetically.

My aunt & her family are in town, so for lunch on Monday, Grandpa took us all to Pizza Hut in Ida Grove. It's the best Pizza Hut because it's on a little lake, and after you're done eating, you can use the uneaten crusts to feed the ducks and fish.

After pizza, Grandpa wanted to treat everyone to ice cream!

And after ice cream, we went to the pool...

Abby found a frog...

Yesterday, we were invited to come along for an afternoon at Lake Okoboji. The kids had a blast, and the girls spent the whole time building a pretty cool looking fort. The boys decided to make one toward the end, too.

I've also decided that not every single snapshot-style photo needs to be edited. Not that I edited every photo, but quite a lot of them. Which is one reason my posts tend to only happen like once a week. And really, I'm probably the only one who would notice the difference, anyway! 

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