Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monday, June 14th

 Moving on with our trip...
Monday morning, my grandpa & Aunt Nancy had to leave, and I took some group pictures (with the help of Robert & Aunt Nancy for the ones I was in).

After saying good-byes, Robert, the kids, & I headed to our old stomping ground...

I miss the lazy afternoons when we would just walk & window shop around the mall. Those were the days of diaper bags and strollers, but they're sweet memories just the same.

This time, however, we weren't there for a lazy afternoon.
We were there to get Abby's ears pierced!

The lady at Claire's said she normally would have a second person there so both ears were done at the same time, but she was the only one for a couple hours. She warned us that if Abby didn't want her to pierce the second ear, that we were still responsible for purchasing the earrings. Knowing Abby's excitement, we didn't even hesitate because we knew no matter how much it hurt, she would see it through to the end.

And she did!

We did walk around for about 20 minutes, for old times' sake. I have to say, of all the things we did on our trip, being at the mall as a family again was what really made us homesick.

Dad, how often have you seen Diet Choke have such a cool vending machine?? ;)

After our trip to the mall, we went to visit Robert's dad, Bob. The kids love him to bits, and are never bothered by his wheelchair, whiskers, or hard to understand speech.
(For those who don't know, Bob was in a horrible car accident when Robert was 8 or 9, resulting in brain damage and paralysis. Combine that with several other health issues, he can seem very intimidating and very hard to understand.)

All of our kids have always enjoyed riding on the back of PaPa's chair. Elise carried on the tradition this year...

We took the kids over to his apartment's playground for a bit.

Sierra lost ANOTHER molar!

I am so proud of Bob. He didn't smoke one single cigarette that day! In fact, I didn't see him smoke at all during any of our visits with him! Unfortunately, he hasn't quit smoking, but I did tell him how much I appreciated him not smoking around the kids, as that was always a peeve of mine when we lived out there. ;)

The plan originally was to visit my grandmother with everyone after our visit with Bob, but time slipped away, so I'm a bit bummed we didn't get a  group family picture with her.

Anyway, that night was the night Leah, Robert & I had been waiting for!


While we were eating, there was an earthquake. Leah & I didn't feel it since we were playing 'Pass the Elise,' but the lights were sure swaying!

And that's all the photos I have from that day.

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Wow great memories am a bit upset with the lack of A DIET COKE MACHINE THOUGH!


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