Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday, Part 2: The Beach

 The new header photo wasn't taken at the beach. Can you believe I forgot to get a family photo at the beach?! Neither can I. Talk about kicking oneself...
The header photo was taken today in Okoboji. We have family in town this week, and they invited us to come along. It was a beautiful day, and the time just flew by. I'll post some photos of that later. I'm only half way through our California photos, so I need to keep pluggin' away!

Before we hit the beach, we swung by my grandmother's home (she lives in a home for those with Alzheimer's). I wish I took more photos during this particular visit, but I thought we would all see her together the next day, and it just didn't work out. :(

After seeing Grandma, we got ready and headed for the beach. My parents' good friends were vacationing in California from Iowa, and they stopped by to visit for the day and joined us at the beach. It was a nice afternoon - even though it got a bit chilly.
 So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the many photos from our afternoon at the beach. Maybe you should visit the bathroom first. This might take a while. And believe me, I am not even posting half of my beach photos!

See? I got goosebumps!
Apparently, Dad missed the memo that you don't wear jeans and tennis shoes to the beach...
Poor kite...

The beach gets more fun every year!
I'm sure the kids getting older each year has a little to do with it. ;)

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