Monday, May 10, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

 Today is Monday. That means I'm going to 'fess up! If you want a good laugh and and a feeling of, "Whew! Glad I'm not the only one!" then head over to MckMama's blog and check out all the Not Me! entries... after reading mine, of course! And you're in luck today! I have a double post! And not because I wrote last week's post, and saved it for this week when I realized MckMama didn't have "Not Me!" last week! :)

Here's my "Not Me!" post from last Monday:
First off, I have to say I normally am not the kind of mom to let a mere headache get in the way of getting done what needs to get done, so it could not have been me who was pretty much laying down for almost three straight days because of a throbbing brain. No way! Not me!

I did not skip church yesterday for more sleep in hopes of getting rid of my three day headache; justifying it as a day of rest. But really, it is, right? ;)

It was not me who allowed my kids to play soldiers with butter knives as swords. Absolutely not! I know how a potentially fun thing like butter knives can turn into something dangerous. Which is why they were instructed to not sword fight with them. And I was not surprised they actually listened. Not surprised at all, because my children always put safety before fun.

I also did not let my two youngest eat, sleep, and play two days in a row in their pretty dresses, all while thinking, 'Well, at least there will be a little less laundry.' Nope! I would never let them do that - let alone ever think something so selfish like wanting less laundry! I love laundry! NOT!!

And I did not just let a nearly 20 year old "NOT!" slip out. Yikes.

And here's this week's "Not Me!" confession:

I did NOT take my two oldest girls out of school Thursday morning and all day Friday to go to a Taylor Swift concert with our friends. No way! Education is WAY more important than going to a concert!

When I was told I couldn't bring in my camera, I did not try and talk the guy into letting me keep it with me by showing him I didn't have a zoom lens on it. I wasn't that desperate!

At the hotel room, I did not let the girls jump from bed to bed - that would only encourage bed jumping at home!

At the Iowa History Museum, I did not take pictures of [fake] mammoth poop, a dead bird, a cat-skin bag, and a display of baby foxes eating a lamb, thinking my son would get a kick out of it. That is so gross, and something only Dad would do, not me.

There is also NO way I would let my husband talk me into letting our three year old daughter get her hair cut, losing all her sweet little ringlets. No way, uh-uh, NOT me!!

Last, but not least, I did not say, "Sure!" when my 3 year old asked to have cake for breakfast. I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and would never allow such junk food for breakfast. Not me!
Happy Monday!

*There's more to these stories here.*


Lindsay said...

Loved your not me confessions!

Beth McC. said...

Love your not me Monday!I mean you are Mom of the year to take your girls to Taylor Swift! My mom took me out of school to see New Kids on the Block and I will never foget it! Your blog is too cute! Happy Monday

Natasha said...

My 4 year old likes ice cream sandwiches for breakfast! Gives him a little boost in the mornings (like he needs it).


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