Monday, May 31, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Well, it's Not Me! Monday, but the blog carnival isn't open today. That's OK, I'll post mine anyway. There's nothing like the freedom one gets from being open and honest about life. Keeps ya humble, too. :)

With our trip a mere 4 days away, it was not me who had a checklist of all I wanted to have completed over the weekend, to only actually have... absolutely nothing checked off. I am much more motivated than that, and would have had everything done by now.

With our trip a mere 4 days away, it was not me who offered to take on 4 extra kids until the evening before we leave on our trip. I know how crazy it is trying to get packed, clean house, and prepare for such a long trip, that I would have sent my own kids away, not add to them! I am not a glutton for punishment!

With our trip a mere 4 days away and nothing checked off on my to-do list, it is not me who is planning on giving all 9 kids (5 of my own, and their 4 friends that I am not watching up until the night before we leave on our trip) their own buckets and rags, and having them clean my floors. I know how fleeting childhood summers are, and would never make kids work instead of play. Let alone, allow kids that aren't even mine to help clean my floors!

Last night, it was not me who let the kids all have cereal for dinner because they were hungry before I was ready to cook. And when I did cook, it was not me who grabbed the Italian herb grinder instead of the peppercorn grinder; being very generous on the seasoning before realizing I grabbed the wrong grinder. I'm much more on top of stuff like that and always check labels first!

It was not me who caught an ant the size of a dime, put it in a container, and took a picture of it. I'm a girl, and girls would never do such things!

It was not me who allowed my 5 year old to bring an extra dress to church in case she changed her mind about what she wanted to wear. And I would never  allow her to actually change in the church's parking lot. What they put on in the morning, stays on.

On our way to church, it was not me that took a picture of square hay bales because I thought they looked cool. I've lived in Iowa for almost 6 years, and don't think anything of hay bales.

I was not  that mom who didn't tell her child to not drink the pool water (and not just any pool water - baby pool water!), just to get a cute picture.

And finally, it was not me who allowed my 3 year old to lick cookie dough off the whisk. I know the dangers of consuming egg in its raw form, and would never chance letting my child become ill from something so dangerous as cookie dough!

Happy Monday!

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