Friday, May 7, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

 Today, we visited the Iowa Historical Building. These were, by far, the most amazing items on display...

Wow. Talk about perseverance and determination! And patience. Tons of patience. I'm pretty sure this Andrew Clemens guy didn't have children living at home when he started up this hobby. And you know he had to have sneezed at least a couple times while making his sand bottle art. Not to mention, accidentally knock a jar or two over. But judging by these, I doubt that stopped him or made him give up. I imagine he just swept up the spilled sand and started over. Kinda like life.

There are a bunch more photos from there, and from our very special and fun day yesterday. Wanna know what was so fun about it? Here's a clue:

Can you guess what we were up to? Betcha just can't wait to hear about it! But you'll have to, because
I'm pooped and going to bed now.
Remember, patience is a virtue.

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