Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rocco's Retirement

 While I loved Rocco's picture for the header to this blah'g because of the perfect visual analogy of "just keepin' up," I'm ready for a cheerful, summer-y look for a while (I know, I know... the sky is overcast in this picture. I'll get a new one when the weather warms back up again :) ). Elise helped me pick this background. Her little gasp and, "Oooh! Look at that one!" told me this one was it.

Change is good. It keeps us from getting stuck in a rut. It keeps life from getting boring. It can bring excitement & newness. I'm thinking of the changing of seasons right now. After the cold, snowy, and very icy winter, I have such an appreciation for the spring. For its warmth, its beauty, and new life. When I was out taking kids to school, I was looking up at the green trees more than down at the road. It's amazing to me that those trees survived all winter! Some of them even lost big limbs from the weight of the ice. And yet, they remained. Beautiful as ever.

In my mind, I'm thinking of an analogy, but will keep it simple. Those trees are firmly rooted. The winter may have been harsh to them, but they survived. The weak limbs and branches buckled under the ice, and those poor trees looked all but dead. I'm no green thumb, but I'm pretty sure the trees will be stronger now, and new, stronger limbs will come from where the old, weak ones were. Now that it's spring, those trees are green and full of life.
So basically, I'm a tree, firmly rooted. There will be harsh seasons in my life, causing the weak, yucky branches to buckle under pressure and break off, but man, when spring comes, I will be made stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Just a thought.


GroominMama said...

Well said! I can think of another area where this too applies! I am sure you can as well. Praise God for big, stong, firmly rooted trees!

Robert Schueneman said...

In my eyes you are a tree that blooms year round .


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