Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome, Summer!

The celebration started before the kids were even out of school. Elise and I went for a walk to the library (which was closed. Again. I now know Wednesday is the only weekday it opens earlier than 2pm), then to the store to get a cookie mix (I know, I'm lazy), then to the gas station to rent a movie for the kids.

What's that you have, Elise? A lollie? Will you eat it this time?

(if you haven't read about the other lollie, click here)

After we returned home, Elise helped me make cookies...
(see that circle thing on top of the coffee maker? That's her lollie she wanted so badly, but never ate, lol)


After the cookies were baked and cooled, it was time to go pick up the big kids from school...

Are they coming yet?

Maybe they're coming out over here...

Are they ever going to come out??

The kids were dismissed, and I did the annual "Last Day of School Photo with the Teacher."

Trevor and his favorite teacher, Mrs. Sigler...

Caitlin and her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Trost (not shown are her other teachers, Ms. Reiff and Mrs. Julin)... 

Abby and Mrs. Schroeder...

After saying their goodbyes, Abby wanted to walk home with Elise. I followed slowly to be sure Elise stayed with Abby. She did a great job. Good practice for the fall.
(you can't see her behind Abby, she's there!)

By the time we all made it home, it was time to turn around to pick up Sierra. Since her school is farther away (and the fact she has several teachers), I took a picture of her and her bus. :)

Then we all did what we do every year on the last day of school - eat ICE CREAM!!


I had my usual...

The ice cream was melting faster than we could lick!

The kids took turns finishing off my cone, and Abby wanted me to take a picture of the marks her teeth left on her ice cream :)

After ice cream, the kids played at the park for a bit, then we came home to watch Tooth Fairy and munch on cookies and some hidden, but recently found, Easter candy. It was a really nice way to kick off summer vacation.

Too bad tomorrow won't be as fun. We need to reclaim the main level from all the school supplies and papers brought home that are par for the course during the last week of school.
Then the fun can resume.

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