Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me!

 Today is Monday. That means I'm going to 'fess up! If you want a good laugh and and a feeling of, "Whew! Glad I'm not the only one!" then head over to MckMama's blog and check out all the Not Me! entries... after reading mine, of course!

This week was a pretty busy week. But a good busy. We had Trevor's routine asthma check-up, a band concert, graduation parties, and hanging out with friends.
So in all that busy-ness, it was not me who had dirty children all weekend. It was not me who thought on Thursday night that they were all clean enough (nobody looked dirty, sweaty, or sticky) for school the next day, letting them skip showers. It was not me who was running late for going to a graduation party on Friday evening, and decided that though the kids had played outside and got all sweaty & grimy, nobody would notice how dirty they really were. Once we got back home from said grad party (rather late, in my defense), it was not me who allowed such sweaty, grimy children go straight to bed without showering first. I would never let such filth in their beds!
On Saturday, it was not me who let the kids play outside all day, adding to the already thick layer of dirt & grime that clung to their sweaty bodies. Later that afternoon, it was not me who decided that the kids were only going to get sweaty & dirty playing at our friends' house, so didn't make anyone shower beforehand. It was also not us who stayed at their house so late (and I did not eat like 20 little smokies, a big scotcher-roo, and beer bread while there) that by the time we got home, allowed those really gross kids to go straight to bed.
It was absolutely not me who kept hitting snooze on the alarm Sunday morning, waking up with only a half hour to get myself, five kids, and hubby out the door for church. So, you know what that means! That's right - it was not me who allowed those extremely filthy, stinky, dirty, sweaty, grimy kids to go to church without scrubbing & scouring first!

Since Trevor's birthday is over the summer, today was his birthday celebration at school...
It was not me who was running late (I never run late!) to have lunch with him at school, and it was definitely not me who brought store-bought cookies for his class because I kept forgetting to buy the ingredients to make them myself!

After lunch, Elise and I went to the park to play...

It was not me who was getting so hot, and wanted to ditch the park and 90 degree heat after only 20 minutes of playing. And I would never bribe Elise with a brownie and a movie to try and make her want to ditch the heat, too!

*the kids did shower before bed last night ;)*

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